Snooki Fights Back Against People Attacking Her Parenting on Instagram (PHOTO)
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Snooki Fights Back Against People Attacking Her Parenting on Instagram (PHOTO)

Snooki is one tough meatball, and if you cross her or insult her family or loved ones, she’ll certainly come after you. We’ve seen Snooki confront haters before, coming at people that have called her everything from a fat chick to responding rather harshly to Twitter haters, and even telling people against moms with tattoos to “shut up” and mind their own business!

Now the sharp-tongued, tell-it-like-it-is Snooki is at again, but this time, it’s not about her. In response to some very ignorant comments she’s been receiving on her Instagram photos, Snooki wrote a message to those who dared to criticize her parenting.

We think Snooki is an amazing mom (and we even have pics to prove it!), but celebrities are under near-constant criticism from fans and haters alike, often making it difficult for them to cope with all of the negativity. Luckily Snooki isn’t phased by ignorance and bullies, but also will give you a piece of your mind if you offend her.

Snooki wrote a message in a caption to one of her recent Instagram pics, a screenshot of one person criticizing her parenting.

In the screenshot, you can see the person’s message to Snooki: “I love you Snooks but Mother’s Day is about spending time with your children, your pride and joy. Not an excuse to go out and party. Kind of sad you haven’t realized that by now. Smh.”

We don’t think that’s fair, as Snooki gave up her party girl ways after becoming a mom, only indulging occasionally in a wild night or just a few drinks with friends every now and then. So it made sense that she wanted to clear the air, writing:

“I'm sorry but I just have to comment on some of the ignorant comments I read on my pictures. First of all its none of your business to even tell me how to spend my Mother's Day. Secondly, I'm not partying. I spend every waking minute with my son and couldn't be any happier. I sent Jionni to the players championship this week for his birthday, and spending my Mother's Day with my son, mother, grandmother and friends. You don't personally know me to be so rude and ignorant. I can't stand people making rude accusations about me being a mother. Show some respect. That is all."

We’re so proud of her for standing up for herself in such an eloquent, mature way, and we hope the negativity doesn’t get her down.

What do you think of Snooki’s message? Do you agree with her? Share below!

05.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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