Snooki Grinded Up Against WHO in Public? Weird Party Alert! (VIDEO)
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Snooki Grinded Up Against WHO in Public? Weird Party Alert! (VIDEO)

Snooki’s been enjoying some well deserved R&R this week while she’s on vacation with her family (although the workouts stop for no one) and on Monday, she hung out with her "sisters" (aka besties) Lex and Samantha. While they were out, they recorded a video to show us how much fun they’re having on vaca... but the way the Polizzi fam bonds is a little different from what you might think!

Snooks posted an Instagram video featuring Lex, Samantha, and... the Android guy? Yep, Snooki is definitely pulling out her grinding moves on the little green Android mascot, and he doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Watch out, Jionni!

Umm, random much? We’re not surprised Snooki gets crazy while on vacation, even if it is with a robot, though we’re wondering if this was preconceived or if they just happened upon the green guy on their way somewhere fun. Either way, it was certainly an interesting video, and we hope to see more soon — maybe this time of her dancing with Lorenzo!

Do you wish you were invited to Snooki’s weird party? Sound off in the comments!

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07.2.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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