Snooki, JWOWW & Pauly D on Filming While Pregnant, Boyfriend Drama, and Jersey Shore Season 6
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Snooki, JWOWW & Pauly D on Filming While Pregnant, Boyfriend Drama, and Jersey Shore Season 6

The debut of Snooki & JWOWW is only a couple of months away, so the meatball and her BFF were on hand to chat at MTV’s Upfront presentation in New York City on April 26 about Snooki’s pregnancy, Jersey Shore Season 6, what to expect from the girls’ spinoff, and boyfriend drama. Pauly D also came by to talk about The Pauly D Project, and how he’ll handle Snooki’s pregnancy in Seaside.

How do you feel?
Snooki: I feel very good, I’m not getting sick at all, just a little tired sometimes. I don’t even feel pregnant, which is weird. [I can wear the big heels because] I have a very good balance usually, when I fall, I fall when I’m not wearing anything. I’m only 24 years old and I want to embrace being 24 and pregnant so I don’t want to wear muumuus and flats. I want to still be fashionable and young. I’m not scared at all, I mean I was scared before I got pregnant. But once you’re pregnant and you think about birth, it’s just like, bring it on.

Any weird cravings?
S: I’m craving Italian ices and lots of fruits.

Where will you live once the baby is born?
S: Probably in Jersey, just because my fiance’s family is there, and I just love that area and it’s very nice. I think it’s a perfect place for a child.

What was it like filming while pregnant?
S: It was different because usually on Jersey Shore I’m used to partying and going crazy because it’s summer, but this time around it was just like normal everyday life for me.

Will you guys babysit?
Pauly: I want to. We’re all taking part in this baby, I feel like we’re all having it. This is the first Jersey Shore baby, and she’s been with us since Day 1, and we’ve seen everything she went through, and we see how happy she is now, so we’re happy for her.

Did it make you want a baby too?
P: No, I mean, I can play with her baby, I don’t need one now.
JWOWW: That’s exactly how I feel.

Will your baby make an appearance on the show?
S: I don’t know.
J: We’re gonna do [Season] 6 in the summer. And if there is a 7, maybe. If you see the Shore during the day it’s an amusement park and it’s for families with kids.
S: Seaside is for children.
P: The show’s going to be different, no doubt, but I think it’s cool because our show, there’s no script, it’s reality. And in reality, she got pregnant. So how we deal with that I think will be kind of cool. I’ve never dealt with a baby before so I want to see what it’s like.

Will you address your fame like Pauly does in his spinoff?
S: No, because Pauly, he has his DJing thing so of course he wants to show the world that, but me and Jenni, we like to keep it simple and we still like to show the normal side of us, because we are normal people.

Tell us about your friendship.
J: That’s the dynamic, it’s sisterly love. I think we broke it the first season, I think our trip down to Miami really solidified the fact that this is just us and how we’re gonna be and we just grew closer and that’s what I think MTV fell in love with is the whole dynamic between us, so you can stick us anywhere.
S: I definitely don’t want to be like the Kardashians, we like to be different so whatever happens happens.

What kinds of crazy things will we get to see?
S: It’s actually more drama. We’re not drunk, sober, when we’re drunk we’re actually normal people.
J: When I’m drunk I’m actually kind of calm and cool. And mellow.
S: When we’re not, we’re off the wall. [There will be] drama with the boyfriends, there may be a little fight with us.

Snooki, can you address the rumors that Jionni was cheating?
S: Those pictures were from three years ago. And that’s happened before, they actually tried to do a story saying he was cheating on me with a friend from high school and those pictures were from high school. So I’m just like get real, he’s not gonna cheat, he’s a good guy, get over it. He’s gonna be a great dad, he grew up with all his nieces and nephews he always takes care of kids, so he kind of has more experience with children than I do, so he’s going to be helping me out. I’ll probably be an easygoing cool mom but I still will want my kid to succeed and do good.

Will there be a Pauly D Project Season 2?
P: I hope so, we don’t know yet, but I hope so.

Did having the first spinoff make you nervous?
P: Very nervous. I was the first spinoff to air, and I was nervous to see if people would watch it, luckily they have, but it was nervewracking at first but exciting at the same time too. I get to show the world a different side to me, because they’ve seen me on Jersey Shore but now they get to see me, where I come from, meet my family, meet my friends and then what it’s like to be a touring DJ.

Snooki, JWOWW & Pauly D on Filming While Pregnant, Boyfriend Drama, and Jersey Shore Season 6
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What do you think of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together?
P: I think it’s a good fit. I like the fit.
J: I think they’re a good fit.
P: If you look at Kanye’s past with the girls, if you look at Kim’s past with other guys, it’s been rough for both of them so they can maybe share that bond with each other.
S: I think the fact that they’re friends and that they both share the same interests with like, life, I feel like they’re a great match.

What TV shows do you like?
S: I like Toddlers and Tiaras, I love that show.
J: Mob Wives

Would you have your baby on Toddlers and Tiaras?
S: No, because I would never give my little baby a spray tan. I wouldn’t. It’s ridiculous. And my baby’s gonna come out naturally dark anyway, so I don’t even have that problem.

What do you want to teach your baby?
S: I just wanna teach my baby to always be respectful to everyone just like me, never treat anybody horrible, have a good heart. Just be respectful, because that’s what my parents taught me. If it’s a girl, the guys I’m going to kill. If it’s a guy, I’m gonna kill the girls. I live in pretty much North Jersey so there’s never paparazzis around, so unless I take my baby to LA or the city which I’m not, I’m not gonna have a problem.

Will you guys still party in JS Season 6?
P: I’m definitely going to be a little more protective over her than I normally am. I don’t want her to fall, I feel like she’s very fragile, I don’t know, I have that sense that a girl who’s pregnant is fragile so I wanna like take care of her more.
S: Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean everyone else has to be pregnant with me. As of this point, I have no interest in going to the club or anything because my life’s totally changing. And I’ve vbeen going to the club since I was like 10 so I’m over it. Everything’s changed. You’ll see on the spinoff, I even surprised her, I’m like more responsible than she is now.
P: I don’t want to spend the summer without going to Jersey.
J: I feel like it’s weird when we’re not filming.

Pauly, did you hear that Justin Timberlake called your hair “perfection”?
P: It really is amazing to me that he even knows I exist and he commented on my hair in a good way but something like that, I’m a DJ I’ve been playing his music my whole life, that he knows I exist, it’s really cool.

Are you friends with Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey?
S: We’re not friends. If I see her, I’ll say hi.

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