Snooki & JWOWW Premieres, Deena’s Bikini Body & Relationship Drama: Jersey Shore Week in Review 6/22
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Jersey Shore

Snooki & JWOWW Premieres, Deena’s Bikini Body & Relationship Drama: Jersey Shore Week in Review 6/22

What happened in the wild and wacky world of Jersey Shore this week?

- Snooki & JWOWW’s spin-off premiered! What did you guys think? One person (ahem, Jionni) refuses to watch it, and another says the whole thing is staged. What do we know? That JWOWW and Snooks are the cutest BFFs in the world

- Speaking of tiny pregnant meatballs, Snooks is already planning her speech to her future son about that whole Jersey Shore thing. Plus, she wants to start squirting breast milk into JWOWW’s eyes. And we wish she would lay off the dangerous high heels until her due date!

- Poor Ronnie got a court date, but at least he has a crucial witness to the bar brawl on his side. And maybe even the video to prove his innocence. One thing’s for sure: He’s getting bigger and buffer every day! Plus, he’s been spotted pulling Pauly D away from yet another fight, so he’s working on his defense!

- Another meatball had a big week, and her name is Deena Nicole. Poor Deena may look better than ever in her bikini, but she might want to start buying smaller sizes before “the boobs” come tumbling out. At least she has trusty BFF Sammi to put the L in GTL with.

- Guidos and guidettes in love! The Situation may have settled down with longtime fling Paula, but we heard they’re already on the rocks. That didn’t stop them from going on a double date with Deena and her boy Chris, though. SamRon are still in love, and we get to the bottom of JWOWW and Roger’s rumored breakup.

- Because we love them, these are the funniest pics ever of Pauly and The Situation.

Read more about Snooki’s pregnancy.

Catch the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW on on Thursday, June 28 on MTV.

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