Snooki Hits Back at Mommy Shamers on Instagram Who Criticize Her Parenting
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Snooki Hits Back at Mommy Shamers on Instagram Who Criticize Her Parenting


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has no time for negativity.

The former Jersey Shore star was showing off her cute outfit on Instagram over the weekend when fans noticed something happening in the background of the photo.

“Sunday funday! Don't mind my tantrum kid in the back,” the mother of two captioned the photo, clearly realizing her son Lorenzo, 5, was having a little temper tantrum in the background.

However, multiple social media users came after the reality star and accused her of neglecting Lorenzo to take a selfie.

“Can't be sanitary for [your] boy to mop your bathroom floor with his body,” one user said, according to In Touch.

The 29-year-old immediately shut down the haters with an epic comeback of her own.

“Pay attention to my kids? Excuse me, but are you in my house seeing what kind of mother I am?” she said.

“Go enjoy your Sunday instead of talking sh—t to me on an Instagram photo.”

Preach, Snooki!

Thankfully, many fans came to her defense and flooded her Instagram photo with positive comments.

“Please don't let the comments of morons stop you from posting and sharing your family pictures,” said one user.

“Your family is adorable and we really look forward to your posts. Anyone who would dare question your abilities as a mom apparently knows nothing about your connection with your kids. Ignore them.”

Another user said, “Real mom moment captured perfectly in this picture.”

Though dealing with the haters is tough, it’s clear the brunette beauty loves her two kiddos more than anything.

In fact, the Dancing With the Stars alum shared a sweet photo on their first day of school, and it’s probably the cutest thing we’ve seen all week.

“I'm feeling such a range of emotions, from sad to excited to feeling so proud of my nuggets,” she wrote alongside a picture of her son and 2-year-old daughter, Giovanna.

“They're pretty awesome human beings & bring so much joy and love into my life!”

They’re so precious. Don’t listen to the haters, Snooki!