New Jersey Residents Try To Block Snooki From Vacationing There — And She Fights Back!
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New Jersey Residents Try To Block Snooki From Vacationing There — And She Fights Back!

Snooki’s prepping to film the third season of Snooki and JWOWW, and we couldn’t be more excited! But not everyone shares our enthusiasm — especially not the residents of Pelican Island, NJ, where MTV has rented a house for Snooki to stay during filming.

According to, as soon as word broke that Snooki would be renting a house to film on their little island, more than 40 residents came together to put a stop to her visit, claiming it would be “overwhelming” to have her there.

We would love to have Snooki film in our ‘hood, so why are the residents so up in arms? “I don’t want it to be Snooki’s house,” said Angelica Cortinas, Pelican Island native and secretary of their local homeowner’s group. “It’s our hidden little gem. Now it’s no longer that.”

Snooki was furious when she found out what was happening, and took to Instagram to air her feelings. “Grow up, get over yourself and move on,” she said. “This is not how we should be treating one another. Absolutely sick and very sad. I pray for you. There's much bigger things to worry about in life than trying to ban my family from your neighborhood.”

We understand how important privacy is, especially in your own home, but we think these protesters might be overreacting. Snooki’s mellowed out a lot since she became a mom, and filming the show in Pelican Island could bring in tourism, which is always a good thing!

It’s OK, Snooks. You and JWOWW are welcome to vacation at our house anytime!

What do you think of New Jersey’s residents protesting Snooki’s vacation to Pelican Island? Totally valid, or way overboard? Cast your vote in the comments.