Snooki Opens Up About Her Second Pregnancy — What Is She Craving So Far?
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Snooki Opens Up About Her Second Pregnancy — What Is She Craving So Far?

In case you haven’t heard, our beloved Snooki is pregnant again! The former Jersey Shore star and her fiancé, Jionni LaValle, are expecting their second child, and thanks to Snooki’s Celebuzz blog, we’re getting all the juicy details about her pregnancy, including what Snooki is craving. Are we allowed to assume cannolis?

Turns out though that this mom-to-be is craving something a little healthier… sort of. “Love strawberries and and I love salt and vinegar chips,” Snooki admits on her blog. “The other day I ate a whole bag of a family-sized salt and vinegar chips by myself. No shame.” No judgement here, Snooki!

The pregnant star is currently in her second trimester and claims that she finally has her “mojo” back and is “starting to feel positive vibes again” after making it through her first trimester. What was that period like? “Bitchy, hungry, cranky, tired. You know all of the above, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately,” she adds.

Poor Snooks, but things are starting to look up for the star. Despite how similar this pregnancy feels to her first — she and Jionni have a 19-month-old son, Lorenzo — Snooki is aiming to be healthier this time around.

“The one thing I’m going to change about this pregnancy is that I am going to stay active and keep working out because I’m getting married soon after I have my second baby,” Snooki writes. “My lifestyle right now is very healthy so I’m going to continue with that while I’m pregnant.”

You can count on Snooki working out safely during her pregnancy. After all, this girl has clocked in her fair amount of gym time in the past. GTL anyone? Besides, living an active lifestyle while pregnant can lead to an easier labor, according to Snooki. Girlfriend doesn’t want another 27-hour labor, and who can blame her?

Aside from a new baby, Snooki has a pretty busy year ahead of her including moving into a new house and finally tying the knot with Jionni . It seems like this girl is living la vita bella.

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Source: Celebuzz

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