Snooki vs. Deena Nicole — Who Rocked Leopard Print Better? (PHOTOS)
Credit: Snooki and Deena Nicole via Instagram    

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Snooki vs. Deena Nicole — Who Rocked Leopard Print Better? (PHOTOS)

When we think Snooki, we think leopard print. It’s no secret that she has a bit of an obsession — she even wore a leopard print gown when she gave birth to her son, Lorenzo! And now, it looks like Snooki’s former Jersey Shore castmate, Deena Nicole, took a cue from her stylish pal and decided to get in on the animal-print action as well.

On Sunday, Deena Instagrammed a mirror selfie in a knee-length leopard print dress. This picture followed Snooki’s post late last week when she posed in a fitted black top and loose leopard print pants.

Although Deena’s dress is super cute, we think Snooki wore leopard print best. In our opinion, when it comes to crazy prints, less is more, and we love the way Snooki’s black top balances out her busy pants (we could have done without, the shoes, though).

Need to see more of Snooks in leopard print to make your decision? Don’t worry. From bows to blankets, we’ve got plenty to show you! Oh, and if you look in the background of her photo, she has shoe-shaped, animal-print chairs. Amazing.

Whose leopard print look do you like better — Snooki or Deena’s? Cast your vote in the reaction buttons below!