So You Think You Can Dance Finale: Mary Murphy on Why Jasmine and Amy Should Win — Exclusive
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So You Think You Can Dance Finale: Mary Murphy on Why Jasmine and Amy Should Win — Exclusive

Tonight's the night, So You Think You Can Dance fans! It's time for the Season 10 finale, and before the Hot Tamale Train comes to a complete stop, there's still one more exciting night of mesmerizing performances ahead. Who will come out on top?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy about her hopes for the finale, who she thinks has the odd in their favor, and why gender shouldn't be a factor when it comes to crowning this season's winners (because they're all equally amazing, obviously!). Plus, find out what has Mary's Twitter followers all worked up in our full interview with the judge below.

Wetpaint Entertainment: This is the first season in which all of my favorites made it into the finale! My two favorite couples both made it to the end.

Mary Murphy: Isn’t that something? You didn’t think Paul was going to make it? I was a little bit shocked. Paul had never fallen down into the bottom, so I thought since his fan base was so strong, he could have won the whole thing. I was in absolute disbelief because I really thought those fans were going propel him into the finale. Fik-Shun’s fans really got together in the end!

And Aaron too! I was a little worried for Aaron after last week because he didn't have the best performance.

I was too! I’m really proud of all six of them, to tell you the truth. They’re all terrific. But if I had to talk about exceptional moments in the history of So You Think You Can Dance, Jasmine’s solo and Amy’s solo both blew me away.

Amy and Jasmine have both been serious contenders since the beginning. Seeing how this season will crown both a female and a male winner, do you think that’s fair?

I was thinking the exact same thing! How is that fair? The two who get the most votes should be the winners, honestly. If it ends up being two guys splitting the money, OK great. If it’s two girls, that’s great too. If it’s a guy and a girl, that’s fine! The two who get the most votes should win. I think that’s how it should be. Because maybe the top male or female will come in third! We’ll never know. I don’t know. I’m just happy that we get to give two winners money because they deserve it. I would be even happier if a couple thousand dollars went to third and fourth because they just work so hard!

Are you disappointed there isn’t a ballroom dancer in the finale? Do you think the fact that Paul was a ballroom dancer had anything to do with him not making it to the finale?

I don’t think so. In fact, our ratings were higher in the first few seasons when we had even more ballroom! With contemporary, when you have a dancer who isn’t quite as trained, you can hide a lot of mistakes. Ballroom is so technical, and I think it really presents a huge challenge to most dancers on the show. I thought that was Paul’s secret weapon because he could master all dance styles. He was one of the more versatile dancers in the competition. Paul killed his Hip-Hop routine! He can do everything. I think his fan base didn’t vote as hard because they just assumed he would make it into the finale. He’s never fallen down into the bottom! And when he comes out, the audience goes crazy for Paul. It’s impressive. He is so charismatic. I think he’ll follow in Kent Boyd’s footsteps.

And by the way, there’s been some criticism from fans on Twitter who think Nigel and I are picking the winners, and I want to put an end to that rumor. That is not the case. America votes. It’s completely out of our hands right now! We have absolutely no say in the matter!

Let’s talk about some of the other dances from this past week. Fik-Shun struggled with his ballroom dance.

But his solo was spectacular! It was really great. I agree that he struggled with the Foxtrot. It was not his best, but like I said during the show, I didn’t think he was going to be in trouble. America has really latched on to him. It will be interesting to see if they pair Jasmine and Fik-Shun together in the finale because I feel like she’d be leading him in a way, if they get ballroom. Who knows! I’ll be very curious to see if they bring in the All-Stars instead because of the height difference. It wouldn’t look right.

Any other standout performances?

I do want to give Tyce Diorio props once again for doing something that is relevant and transcends and makes you feel something like that number with Jasmine and Neil. I just thought it was beautiful. And that Bollywood number! I thought that was the best Bollywood number we’ve ever had on the show, and it wasn’t because of the choreography. I felt that way because the technical level of that dance was so high, it couldn’t have been done by any other dancers, and that’s what makes it special. It was insane. And I liked Tyce’s other number too! I will never forget how picturesque the start of that number was, and the way Kathryn looked. It was the most beautiful thing.

Going into the finale, do you have a sense of who will win?

No, I don't really know. Amy has fallen down once. Fik-Shun has fallen down once. Jasmine has fallen down once, too. Aaron and Paul were the only dancers who had never fallen down into the bottom, so it looks like Aaron has a strong fan base. I think that's what it comes down to. What could really help is when you start seeing destiny come into play. The stars have to align, and whoever has the best choreography that night and the best music ever will really be the one with the advantage. Could you persuade someone into voting for you? That's what it's all about.

Do you agree with Mary? Do you think SYTYCD should crown two female winners? Sound off in the comments!

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