So You Think You Can Dance Finale: Who Will Win? Mary Murphy Sounds Off — Exclusive
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So You Think You Can Dance Finale: Who Will Win? Mary Murphy Sounds Off — Exclusive

So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 takes its final bow tonight (Tuesday, September 10), but before the two winners are crowned, Wetpaint Entertainment got the scoop from judge — and Hot Tamale Train enthusiast — Mary Murphy on who she thinks will win it all and why she wasn’t impressed with Amy and Jasmine’s final act.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Where does the Season 10 finale rank among the other SYTYCD finales?

Mary Murphy: That’s a hard one! I don’t really look at it like that. I had a great time, personally. I thought it was a great finale. I love the fact that one year, there’s two ballet dancers at the top, and then the next year, all of the sudden we have a tap dancer in there for the first time. I think that’s what I love about the show most. It’s so different every season. We have an interesting group this year. For the very first time we have two couples in the finale. It was just crazy! The public obviously loved it. Destiny brought them back together again. I remember telling you last week that if they paired Fik-Shun with Jasmine, it would look ridiculous. Well, I was wrong! It didn't look bad at all; I thought it looked amazing. That contemporary number that Travis Wall choreography was beautiful. And you know what? Jasmine is so much shorter than I ever realized. She just has these beautiful long legs when she dances, and I just assumed that she was at least a foot taller than Fik-Shun — she’s not!

I think Aaron made her look taller as well.

Yeah, boy, I was totally wrong on that one. I think, for me, as a dancer, Amy had the best night. I think from her solo to her Jazz number and the Argentine Tango, she was just flawless. Her Contemporary with Robert was lovely. That Stacey Tookey number was my favorite of the night. She’s just so strong. What did you think about the last Jazz piece by Mark Kanemura?

It was an interesting way to close out the show. I love Mark’s numbers, and I think the audience does as well, but I understand Nigel’s criticism.

Me and Nigel both felt that we should have closed the show with Amy and Robert’s Contemporary. That Jazz number was entertaining, but did the girls get to showcase their amazing abilities? No. It didn’t show everything that those girls can do. Amy and Jasmine can probably both do quadruple pirouettes and be totally on point with it. They can leap like nobodies business! There are just so many things that these kids can do. It was definitely avant garde and out-there, but at the end of the day, I think Nigel and I both wanted to see more technique.These two girls are so strong, and they didn’t get to use their talents. I loved the beginning of it! I actually wish they would have stayed in that silhouette longer because it was so effective. It made an imprint on my brain.

Technical ability aside, I tend to think the audience likes the kookier dances.

They went berserk for that number in the studio, so maybe you’re right! And they went crazy for Mark’s number with Jenna the week before, so again, it’s all about what you like to watch. What looks good to you doesn’t necessarily look good to us.

Let’s talk about the two Hip-Hop routines because they were both really fun and entertaining, especially Jasmine and Comfort’s Nappytabs routine.

I think if I were to compare both Hip-Hop routines side-by-side, I would agree that Jasmine’s number really blew me away. It was so entertaining from start to finish.I have to say, Fik-Shun’s solo was off the charts. I think he definitely had the best solo of the night. It was just so great. And that song was perfect; it brought a smile on everyone’s faces.

I’ve been a huge fan of Aaron and Jasmine since day one, and I was a little disappointed in their ballroom dance. That wasn’t how I wanted to remember those two!

Yeah, it was a little disappointing. I was shocked because of how well I know Jasmine can isolate her hips and her torso, but she did not look her best in this routine. Aaron looked very awkward in most places. I was a little bit disappointed in Jasmine because I really thought she was going to kill this. I knew she was going to be able to shake it hard, but when it came down to basic steps, it blew me away that she couldn’t latch on to the style. It makes me a little sad. Aaron, he is such a great partner, and he had such great chemistry with Jasmine, but here’s the great thing about the show: these dancers are so talented, we’re giving them dance styles that they’ve never done before, and sometimes, it doesn’t suit them. And because of that, they lost their chemistry. They were too focused on trying to get the steps right.

Fik-Shun and Amy’s Argentine Tango wasn’t the best it could have been either.

But she looked amazing in it! I still think she and Fik-Shun fared better in the ballroom than Jasmine and Aaron did, especially when you consider how far Fik-Shun has come in this competition.

Let’s talk about Aaron’s tap routine because I never realized how emotional a tap routine can be until I saw Aaron and Melinda’s performance.

That’s the first time I really felt the man-woman relationship in a tap number. They were really having this conversation with their feet! I loved every second of that. They just dance so well together, that I really just hope Aaron can continue to keep dancing with Melinda. They need to get a show in Vegas or something! There was something so special about that.

Do you agree with Mary? Do you think Amy had the best night? And will she win it all? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the So You Think You Can Dance finale on Tuesday, September 10 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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