Credit: Adam Rose/Fox Photo: Marko Germar & Allison Holker

Best: Marko Germar and Allison Holker

Wow, this emotional and unusually simple routine from Sonya Tayeh straight-up blew us away. We didn't think anyone could dance so perfectly with Marko Germar as Melanie Moore, but his performance with Allison Holker last night was absolutely magical. Loved the Jeff Buckley tune, too. Goose-bump alert!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Marko Germar and Allison Holker - ''I Know It's Over'' - SYTYCD Top 8 Performance

Worst: Jess LeProtto and Jordan Casanova

Our apologies to Jason Gilkison, but this Rumba was a total snoozefest. We're not saying they didn't dance it well — all the toes were pointed and all the turns and lifts were accomplished — but Jess LeProtto and Jordan Casanova just seriously lacked chemistry and spark. In a sea of stellar performances, "meh" just isn't going to cut it.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jordan Casanova and Jess LeProtto's Rumba - SYTYCD Top 8 Performance