Credit: Lifetime

In the promo for Dance Moms Season 2, Episode 11 that we saw last night, Abby Lee Miller was calling Cathy a “worm,” Cathy was looking aghast while watching the competition, saying “No, she didn’t just do that,” and ambulance lights went screeching by.

Also, Mom Melissa seemed like she had hired a lawyer and was suing the other Moms!

We’re pretty sure we didn’t imagine all that, but in the promo below, most of that has been edited out. Instead we hear our beloved Mom Christi saying that Abby has no idea what is appropriate and what isn’t. And Abby screams at the little ones, “There are two things you don’t talk about! Weddings! And Divorces!”

Apparently we’re looking at a classic case of the Taylor Armstrongs. Where friends can sue friends because their friends are being mean to them. Good luck, Moms!

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Credit: Lifetime Photo: Dance Moms Season 2, Episode 11 Promo: What Is Appropriate, Really? (VIDEO)