Credit: Michael Becker/Fox Photo: Mark Kanemura & Lady Gaga Perform "The Edge Of Glory" on American Idol

Big news, dance fans! Xfinitytv News reports that Lady Gaga will be joining So You Think You Can Dance as a guest judge later in the season.

"I asked her when she performed on the American Idol finale if she would come on and she said yes,” Nigel Lythgoe confirmed at the live SYTYCD billboard reveal in Hollywood yesterday. “She is on tour so they said it would probably be later in the season. She is an amazing dancer and performer.”

We agree with you, Nigel — she is an amazing performer, but can we really call her a dancer? We'd much prefer to see Mark Kanemura behind the panel with Mary and Nigel, but we totally get it. Wherever Lady Gaga goes, so do the ratings.

What do you think? Will the Fame Monster be a good addition to the show?

Source: Xfinitytv News