The lingering stares, that passionate kiss and the extensive hugging all seemed to indicate that So You Think You Can Dance competitors Melanie Moore and Marko Germar had some serious, and we mean serious, chemistry. But as Moore took to the red carpet after winning the competition, she told reporters there was only one guy she wanted to hang out with post-victory.

“I'm really looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend,” she told us. “I haven't really gotten to see him that much. I gave him a quick kiss [after I won] and then I came out here. But I’m really excited to just hang out.”

Melanie brushed off any kind of notion that her boyfriend took her and Marko’s dance performances to heart. “No, he’s not jealous!” she laughed. “I’m with him, and he gets to kiss me any time he wants. Marko just gets to kiss me for an eight count in that one dance.”

Not a bad deal for anyone, right?