Credit: Scott Gries /Lifetime Television © 2011 Lifetime Entertainment Photo: Abby Lee Miller and the stars of Lifetime's Dance Moms

As much as we love watching Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller wreak havoc on the lives of young dancers on her new Lifetime series, we can't help but wonder how the show is actually affecting the dance industry.

While some dance competitions are more than happy to have their logos splashed across TV screens week after week (who wouldn't want free advertising, right?), others are heeding with caution and some are boycotting the show altogether.

According to TMZ, one of those competitions is StarQuest, a North Carolina-based company that's been in the biz for almost 20 years and has a reputation for upholding the highest standards of competitive dance.

StarQuest's associate producer Michael Ian Cedar says that Dance Moms producers were misleading, competition results were fudged, and crafty editing made it look like certain dancers were competing against each other even though they weren't.

Dance Moms' producer Jeff Collins refuted the claims and even invited the competition back for Season 2. Cedar says StarQuest has no plans to take him up on that offer.

Source: TMZ

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