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This past weekend, So You Think You Can Dance concluded its Season 9 auditions in the West Coast’s dance Mecca, Los Angeles. Dancers came out in droves with their game face on, hoping to catch the judges’ eyes and grab a coveted ticket to Vegas.

Keeping the dancers motivated and not letting the pressures of an audition dampen the 3-day process was none other than SYTYCD host Cat Deeley —  who was also buzzing with excitement. After all, one can ever guess what each audition city will offer.

“Every year, before we start, I go, ‘well we’re never gonna find another Melanie or Joshua.’ And then you turn around and these amazing people show up,” Cat told the local Fox News crew.

And Los Angeles certainly delivered big on the talent this year!

LA hopeful Mawiyah Dowd felt confident about her chances. “I say I’m pretty strong in a lot of different styles.” Over the years, this type of versatility has proven essential to surviving the dog-eat-dog competition. 

Another LA contestant, Troy Stephens, said it’s all about selling your personality to America. “The show’s about who is America’s favorite dancer, which means you have to be not just a good dancer but a good person,” he explained.

So, what advice does Cat have to offer the dancers? “Mix it up,” she says. Bringing something unique and unexpected to the dance floor will “make the judges turn around” and take notice. 

What do you think America? Could the next SYTYCD winner come from the City of Angles? Only time will tell!



Credit: Fox News Photo: Cat Deeley Talks SYTYCD Season 9 LA Auditions (VIDEO)