Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Photo: StaceyTookey at the 2010 Creative Arts Emmy Awards Governor's Ball

Every season, Stacey Tookey brings us some of the most memorable So You Think You Can Dance routines. So, how does this bubbly Canadian stay inspired to create new work?

Stacey says her biggest inspiration for choreography is music. “I pick music I'm drawn to, sometimes because the artist's voice is so pretty, raw, and passionate. I also love violin, because it tears at my heartstrings. I want to choreograph something that makes people feel something and walk away with an impression and an emotion. I am also drawn to new artists,” she gushed in an interview with FitSugar.

This connection with new artists led her to discover “Jar of Hearts” singer Christina Perri. “Christina was not signed, and she was trying to make it as an artist while working at a cafe in Beverly Hills. The first version I heard wasn't even a produced version — it was on my friend's computer … At the time, no one had heard of her. The night it aired, she was the number one googled thing in the world.”

Additionally, Stacey is inspired by the dancers she choreographs on, including Season 8 winner Melanie Moore. “From the very first moment I got to work with her, I felt like we've never had anyone like her on SYTYCD … She's an artist and she has something to say. Everything you saw on TV, personality wise, is how she is in real life.”

Currently, Stacey is recovering from a hip surgery, but says it won’t stop her from working and pursuing what she loves.

Source: FitSugar