Credit: Video Still Photo: VIDEO SYTYCD S6 Can Can

Oh la la!

In this week’s So You Think You Can Dance Glossary, we’re taking a closer look at the dance style that made France’s Moulin Rouge famous (or infamous)...the can-can.

Can-can dancers are best known for their scantly clad attire. Costumes are bright and flashy, featuring lots of layers, lots of bling, lots of feathers, and lots of skin.

According to FOX’s online dance dictionary, a typical can-can routine will highlight movements such as “high kicks, suggestive movements, cartwheels, splits, hopping on one leg while holding the other in the air, and lifting up the skirt to expose the undergarments.” Risque indeed!

Check out this this video of the can-can’s SYTYCD premiere, which was choreographed by Tyce Diorio and performed by Season 6 contestants Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras. 

Credit: YouTube Photo: Flashback: Mollee & Nathan Perform a Can-Can on SYTYCD Season 6 (VIDEO)

The can-can brings energy, excitement, and just enough controversy to the SYTYCD stage. We can only hope we’ll see its return on Season 9.

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