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Freedom of dance...that’s what So You Think You Can Dance guest judge Lil’ C is trying to instate with the 818 Sessions in North Hollywood’s San Fernando Valley. But cops and selected locals want to put a stop to the public display of dance and community.

Every Wednesday night around 12 am, Lil’C gathers with fellow street dancers for a jam session in a strip mall parking lot. Named 818 Session after the neighborhood’s area code, the gatherings are not only meant to bring local artists together, but also to make a statement about the sanctity of public space — something that is becoming a rarity in this country.

Lil’ C is always baffled when the cops show up. "If you see that we're not doing anything at all that merits you taking us down to the station, then why are you pestering us?” he wants to know. “We're not doing anything. But when they come, we're used to it. We got backup session spots. We shift it around." In fact, none of the dancers are flustered with the cops show up. Rather they continue to dance.

There’s no laws against krumping in public, is there?

Check out this video of some of the 818 Session dancers talking about what krump and freedom for self-expression means to them.

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Credit: KCET Photo: SYTYCD's Lil' C Brings Krumping to Public Spaces (VIDEO)