So You Think You Can Dance choreographic duo Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo’s careers are on fire lately. They’ve already given us some of the best ever SYTYCD hip hop routines, and continue to test their choreographic chops on film and television. Now, even with Lil’ D’umo on the way, NappyTabs have added more exciting ventures to their already busy schedules.

Last week, they posted their latest gigs on Twitter. “Here we go. Let the long days begin. American Idol, then to new Dance On show, then rehearsals til late for new Madonna video. Love life.”

The two are tag teaming it to fit everything in. While Napoleon works with the Top 12 boys on American Idol, Tabitha is busy choreographing Madonna’s new music video, "Girls Gone Wild."

When do they have time to sleep?

Source: Twitter, Twitter

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