Credit: Adam Rose/Fox Photo: The Top 8 So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Finalists

Wow, it's hard to believe we're only two weeks away from crowning our So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 winner!

Of course, the only way to find out who America's Favorite Dancer is going to be is to first find out who it's not gonna be. Bummer, but two more dancers had to be let go tonight. Read on to learn who danced for their life for the last time ...

Bottom four dancers, as they were announced:

1. Jordan Casanova
2. Caitlynn Lawson
3. Jess LeProtto
4. Tadd Gadduang

Judges' (eventual) unanimous elimination verdict: Jordan Casanova and Jess LeProtto

Apparently, the judges weren't very impressed with either of the girls, but Jordan got the bad news, probably because she's been in the bottom so many times (plus, come one, she's done one développé too many).

And even though they feel that Jess is a sensational dancer, they felt that Tadd is too unique to pass up, and so they chose to keep the hand-walking hottie.

We'd be lying if we said we weren't super bummed to see Jess go home. Personally, we think the judges should have kept both guys and sent the girls packing instead. Why not, right? Oh well, too late now. What do you guys think?