Credit: Adam Rose/Fox Photo: Cat Deeley Works The Crowd During So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

For a long time, So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley has been waiting patiently for some Emmy love — try seven years long! But, at last, her time has arrived, and she’s one happy lady (and we're very happy fans)! So, what is it about Cat that makes her stand out?  The Atlantic has counted the ways!

At the top of their list is the fact that Cat is clearly a fan of her own show! Beyond nightclubs, Cat has ZERO dance background or experience. Yet, this doesn’t hinder her from excelling at her job. She invests herself professionally, emotionally, and, at times, physically into SYTYCD because she is a super-fan of her own show."She's the voice of the viewer, saying what all of us non-dance people are thinking just after watching each routine," The Atlantic notes.


Another factor separating Cat from the rest of the reality host pack is how much she cares for the show’s contestants. She likes to think of herself as the older sister, cheerleader, and comrade for each and every dancer — always there to provide extra support when needed. And she can joke around with them and lighten the mood. Remember this unforgettable moment with Twitch?


We’re crossing our fingers for you Cat! Best of luck at the 2011 Emmy Awards!


Source: The Atlantic