Sofia Vergara Hits Back at Ex Nick Loeb in Legal Battle Over Embryos (UPDATE)
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Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Hits Back at Ex Nick Loeb in Legal Battle Over Embryos (UPDATE)


UPDATE (11/16/2016 at 11:00 a.m. ET):

Sofia Vergara’s battle over embryos with ex-fiancée Nick Loeb is getting political.

Nick recently said he would “rather go to jail” than reveal which of his ex-girlfriends had abortions 20 years ago (see next page), as the banking heir fights to bring to term two embryos he created with Sofia during their now-ended relationship.   

But the married Modern Family star’s legal team says her former flame’s new pro-women, pro-life stance is all an act.


“Oddly, Loeb wants us to believe that he supports a woman’s right to privacy and to make a choice concerning reproduction,” Sofia’s lawyer Fred Silberberg tells Page Six.

“However, he seems to believe that his celebrity ex-fiancée, Sofía Vergara, does not have those same rights, especially if it means giving him more public exposure.”

Talk about getting read to filth, Nick.

Original story (11/15/2016 at 4:20 p.m. ET):

Sofia Vergara’s legal battle with former fiancé Nick Loeb over their shared female embryos has taken a truly strange turn.

The famous ex, 41, wrote a New York Times op-ed explaining why he’s so desperate to bring to term the embryos the couple created during their relationship: Nick’s ex-girlfriend had an abortion when he was 20.

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Sofia, 44, has responded by demanding the businessman name the woman who terminated her pregnancy and another ex who had an abortion — but Nick would rather go to jail than comply.  

If you’re wondering why the Modern Family star cares about two women from Nick’s past, don’t worry, there’s a reason.

Sofia’s legal team is looking to “quiz both women under deposition to probe Loeb’s sexual past,” Page Six reports.

This will apparently help the actress in her aim to get rid of the Vergara-Loeb embryos.

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While it’s unclear what the lawyers are looking to find, it’s obvious Nick is ready to fight.

The banking heir claims he’s worried his former flames’ identities could be leaked to the public, considering just how high-profile the embryo battle is.

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“I would rather go to jail than reveal the names,” he says. “I believe we have to protect a woman’s right to privacy.”

Well, that dream might come true now that a California court of appeals has sided with Sofia.

Nick hit back at the legal decision with a fiery petition to keep his exes’ identities a secret.

“Not only are Plaintiff’s [Loeb’s] privacy rights under attack,” legal docs read, “but so are the rights of third-party individuals who have nothing to do with [Loeb’s] relationship with Ms. Vergara, the embryos or the litigation.”

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We still doubt anything Nick says will change Sofia’s mind.

“A child needs a mother and a loving relationship with parents who don’t hate each other,” the new Mrs. Joe Manganiello said in May 2015.

“I wouldn’t want to bring kids to the world where it’s already set against them. It would be so selfish.”

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Well, at least we know Sofia is open to welcoming a baby with her hunky hubby Joe.

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