This Photo of a Soldier Watching His Twins’ Birth Via Skype is Breathtaking (PHOTO)
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This Photo of a Soldier Watching His Twins’ Birth Via Skype is Breathtaking (PHOTO)

We have a huge place in our hearts for military wives. We know a few, and while our significant others aren’t in the military, we feel like we can empathize with their struggles of living apart from their partners. One picture that’s making the rounds on social media, however, totally calls our bluff, making us realize that there are still so many hurdles to jump when your loved one is serving.

The photo shows Colton Romney, who is stationed overseas, bent over his phone with one hand over his mouth. Colton is witnessing the birth of his twin girls Liberty and Lauren, his first children.

This emotional shot needs no caption. We can feel the tension from Colton as he grips the phone tightly, wishing it were his wife or his new baby girls. We can feel the moment of solitude he must have felt knowing that he couldn’t be with his family and that this was a momentous occasion that he missed.

But he didn’t miss it. Colton was there. He was on a screen, but he made it for his daughters’ birthday thanks to the amazing gift of technology. He was able to Skype, with the help of a family member, and to hear each first scream that left his daughters’ mouths, and the second, and third. He was able to tell his wife he loved her and he would see them all soon.

This image brought a tear to our eyes, but the fact that Colton was present for the birth while being thousands of miles away really opened the floodgates. What a beautiful moment.

Source: News 12

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