Son Keeps His Promise and Surprises Dad With Dream 1957 Chevy Bel Air (VIDEO)
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Son Keeps His Promise and Surprises Dad With Dream 1957 Chevy Bel Air (VIDEO)

When Mike King was just 8 years old, he promised his dad, Roger, that when he would buy him a 1957 Chevy Bel Air — his dream car — for his 57th birthday. Years later, Mike kept that promise and surprised his father when he unveiled the car.

In the YouTube video, we see Roger trying to fix a cornhole board in the driveway with his family. Mike sneakily opens the garage door, while his sister says she thinks “there’s something we can fix it with in the garage...” When Roger finally looks into the garage, he sees the ‘57 Chevy, while his son says “Happy Birthday”.

The dad’s reaction of shock and surprise is priceless. He immediately tears up and hugs his son, marveling over the vehicle and asking several times whether it’s real.

As Mike explains on Reddit, “Growing up my dad always dreamed of owning a 57 chevy bel-air. He grew up poor in a family of 7 children. He never thought he would be able to own his dream vehicle but would talk about it all the time. When I was 8 years old I promised him that on his 57th birthday I would buy him a 57 bel-air. I never forgot and was able to fulfill my promise.”

Mike went on to say that he had shown his dad this specific car before, and says that he worked a lot of overtime to buy the car over two years ago, just waiting for his dad’s 57th birthday. Aww, what a guy!

One Redditor in particular summed up the moment perfectly. “As a father, the most touching part for me is the promise of an 8 year old boy fulfilled. Man, for your dad to see that car in the garage, just like you told him it would be...I guarantee he was instantly transported back to see that little 8 year old kid in you,” he wrote.

“And he realized two things....1) You love him. And you loved him as a kid. 2) He raised a good man. And that's the best birthday gift any dad could ever ask for. You rule, OP.”

We couldn’t agree more. Happy Birthday, and Happy Father’s Day!

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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