Pretty Little Liars Music: Songs From Season 4, Episode 11: “Bring Down the Hoe”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Music: Songs From Season 4, Episode 11: “Bring Down the Hoe”

Pretty Little Liars is known for its huge mysteries and big romances, but that’s not all we love about the show: We also adore the music. If you love it as much as we do, check out the music from tonight’s episode, Season 4, Episode 11: "Bring Down the Hoe" here.

We’ll be updating this post throughout the episode, so stay tuned (and keep refreshing) for updates. Plus, if you scroll to the bottom, you can follow our ongoing Season 4 playlist, which includes all of your fave tunes from PLL!

Song: "Anytime"
Scene: Plays in Toby's car — supposedly sung by his mom
Anytime you're feeling lonely
Anytime you're feeling blue
Anytime you feel down-hearted
That will prove your love for me is true

Song: "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)"
Artist: Luke Bryan
Scene: Hanna and Caleb enter the dance
Country girl shake it for me
Girl shake it for me
Girl shake it for me

Song: "Let Me Down Easy"
Artist: Billy Currington
Scene: Hanna and Travis dance
If I fall, can you let me down easy?
If I leave my heart with you tonight
Will you promise me that you're gonna treat it right?

Song: "Pavement Ends"
Artist: Little Big Town
Scene: The choreographed dance
Take me back to the muddy water,
Where the bull and the cow don't bother.
Pick up a girl I know won't holler.
Head out of town, watch the sun go down.
Maybe later we'll call some friends,
Tell 'em meet us where the pavement ends.

Song: Vince Gill
Artist: "Whenever You Come Around"
Scene: Toby and Spencer dance
The face of an angel, pretty eyes that shine
I lie awake at night wishing you were mine
I'm standing here holding the biggest heartache in town
Whenever you come around.

Song: "Dancin' Away With My Heart"
Artist: Lady Antebellum
Scene: Emily and Paige dance together
I finally asked you to dance
On the last slow song
Beneath that moon that was really a disco ball
I can still feel my head on your shoulder
And hoping that song would never be over

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