The Vampire Diaries Songs: Music From Season 4, Episode 22
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Songs: Music From Season 4, Episode 22

As the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, we expected nothing less than drama, suspense, and the return of a few ghosts. (Oh heeeyyy, Alaric!) And as usual, we got everything our hearts desired. Of course, “The Walking Dead” wouldn’t nearly be what it was if it wasn’t for some seriously good tunes hand-selected by the TVD master of music, Chris Mollere!

Song: “Sail”
Music Moment: Opening scene; Elena trains with Stefan.
Sail! / This is how I show my love / I made it in my mind because / I blame it on my ADD baby / This is how an angel dies / I blame it on my own sick pride / Blame it on my ADD baby / Sail! / Maybe I should cry for help / Maybe I should kill myself / Blame it on my ADD baby / Maybe I'm a different breed / Maybe I'm not listening / So blame it on my ADD baby / Sail! / Sail! / Sail!

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Song: “Lean on Me”
Artist: Telekinesis
Music Moment: Elena and Caroline address graduation announcements.
Yeah, I know that you're the one / A week across the country in our beat up truck / Stopping every minute 'cause the thing don't run / But I don't care cause we're in love / Let's get, let's get away in the night / I know you count on me / Well, just lean on me, lean on me every time / Made it to eternity and about to erase / Looking for our hopes said you were proud of your sayings / We've been there, we're make it right / Rounding up the cattle and the bales of hay / Days are sweet and slow, that's our time to praise, / And you stay there, loving, loving, loving, loving.

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Song: “Things We Lost in the Fire”
Artist: Bastille
Music Moment: Elena plays darts at the Mystic Grill; Caroline confronts her about the horrible things she said.
Things we lost to the flame / Things we'll never see again / All that we've amassed / Sits before us, shattered into ash / These are the things, the things we lost / The things we lost in the fire fire fire / These are the things, the things we lost / The things we lost in the fire fire fire / We sat and made a list / Of all the things that we have / Down the backs of table tops / Ticket stubs and your diaries / I read them all one day / When loneliness came and you were away / Oh they told me nothing new / But I love to read the words you used

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Song: “Fragile Love”
Artist: Adam Agin
Music Moment: Matt and Rebekah hang out at the Mystic Grill during the blackout, right before Kol arrives.
Who’s gonna love you? / Who’s gonna watch your back? / Who’s gonna take you? / Who’s gonna take you like that? / The more that you run / The more that you lose control / The more that I watch you / The more that I let you go / 'Cause you’re blue as blood / And I’m thin on love / You come undone / What’s left here / What’s left here is a fragile love

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Song: “Dream”
Artist: The Boxer Rebellion
Music Moment: Elena says goodbye to Jeremy in the woods; Stefan reunites with Lexi; Damon and Alaric bury Silas in the woods

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