RHoNY’s Sonja Morgan Loses $5.7 Million French Villa in Bankruptcy Case
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Real Housewives of New York

RHoNY’s Sonja Morgan Loses $5.7 Million French Villa in Bankruptcy Case

While we don’t commonly empathize with people who lose their multi-million dollar French Riviera vacation homes, we make an exception for Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan. The bubbly blonde (with a passion for the bubbly) has had a rough go of it recently with her ongoing bankruptcy case, and it appears she just lost her gorgeous St. Tropez home.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Sonja’s vacation home was sold off for approximately $5.7 million. And though the Upper East Side lady had been talking about putting the home on the market herself, she didn’t even get to do the selling. In the end, it was the trustee in the the bankruptcy who made the final sale.

It also can’t be an easy pill to swallow to see your expensive home sold for far less than it’s worth. Sonja is said to have wanted to list the home for $8 million. However, the trustee ran into issues with the property that we couldn’t even make up if we tried — apparently, wild boars destroyed the landscaping back in January!

The silver lining? Hopefully this near $6 million can go toward her $7 million judgment in the neverending case. For reference: Sonja has been battling this bankruptcy for a couple of years now, due to a film deal with John Travolta that went foul. We’re rooting for you, girl!

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Source: TMZ