True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline
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True Blood

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline

Throughout True Blood’s six seasons, a lot has changed, but one thing remains constant: Sookie Stackhouse is irresistible. From day one, she’s always been in a relationship and/or had a slew of suitors, some of which she obliges.

Given the latest chapter of her love life — perhaps becoming Warlow’s faerie-vampire bride — we thought it was time to break down who she’s been with and how quickly those relationships escalated. Read on for her full timeline, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Sookie’s True Love.

Bill Compton

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline
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From the first episode, Sookie and Bill were drawn to one another. They shared their first kiss in Episode 2, he claimed her “mine” in Episode 3, and though Bill had to pay the price for saving her life (turning Jessica into a vampire), they were more or less together for three seasons. (She even accepted his proposal at the end of Season 2 — girl moves fast.) Of course, Eric came in and complicated things, and Bill and Sookie are now (seemingly) done for good, but that connection still exists.

Eric Northman

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline
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Though most of Sookie’s time on the show was spent hating Eric, there was also a spark between them. Until Bill was kidnapped, Sookie didn’t acknowledge that, and it took her until Marnie cast a spell on Eric in Season 4 to actually do anything. In actuality, things moved fast considering the timeline of “amnesiac Eric” and Sookie falling in love, but it technically took four seasons for them to even really kiss. (They did share one in Season 3, Episode 10, though.) But then they really got into it with plenty of sex scenes (including imagined ones in the snow) and a very intense emotional relationship, too. Ultimately, Sook decided she can’t be with either Bill or Eric and and moved on.

Alcide Herveaux

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline

There has always been tension between Alcide and Sookie, but it didn’t ever happen — even after he confessed his love for her after breaking up with Debbie in Season 3 (whom she later killed). However, in Season 4, they finally hooked up... and she threw up on his shoes. Dude can’t catch a break. From there, Eric glamoured Alcide to forget about his feelings for Sookie, and they were basically forgotten for Season 5. More recently, in Season 6, they shared a moment at Terry’s funeral, indicating the attraction is still there. Hmm...

Sam Merlotte

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline
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The Sam/Sookie conundrum has been around since Season 1, but there has been far less progression in their relationship. It’s clear he’s always had a crush on her, and he’s always come to her rescue. They’ve kissed a few times, but never anything more, and she basically drags him around. This was most apparent this season when she asked Sam to be with her since they’ve always had something between them — but his former girlfriend Luna just died and his new girlfriend Nicole is pregnant. Bad timing alert! We give up hope for these two.

Ben Flynn/Macklyn Warlow

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline
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This is by far the most interesting relationship that Sookie has been in. After she thought that Warlow was a scary creature who was out to kill her, or at the very least “take” her, he ended up being a hot guy who thinks she’s his true love. At first, she didn’t know that Ben was Warlow and was clearly crushin’ hard on her fellow faerie. However, once she discovered that Ben is Warlow, a fae-vamp hybrid, she freaked out and tried to blast him with her light. While she was cautious, she ultimately decided that he’s safe and she even untied him (in faerie land) — and had sex with him — in Episode 6. While she hasn’t accepted his proposal to become his eternal faerie-vampire bride, she’s considered it in exchange for him giving his blood to Bill to save the vamps. Ultimately, that plan isn’t what they went with, but in the promo for the jaw-dropping Season 6 finale, it looks like they may be having a little ceremony. Will she become a vampire? Will they just get married? We have five days until we find out.

Who do you think Sookie belongs with? Does she move too fast? Sound off below.

Catch the True Blood Season 6 finale on Sunday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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