The Originals: Sophie Dies in Season 1, Episode 13!
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The Originals

The Originals: Sophie Dies in Season 1, Episode 13!

Season 1 of The Originals has thrown us for a loop so many times already it’s hard to swallow the fact that there’s still a while to go before the season finale. Tonight’s episode — Season 1, Episode 13 (“Crescent City”) — was one for the record books, delivering a death in the last few moments that’ll leave us scratching our heads until the series returns on February 25.

When Monique (Yasmine Al Bustami) literally burst to life at the start of the episode, we thought we were in for a wonderful episode for her and Sophie (Daniella Pineda) to reconnect and catch up on all that’s happened since the first failed Harvest Festival. But when Sophie stabbed Klaus (Joseph Morgan), she knew that she and Monique would have to leave town for good — but Monique wasn’t down with that plan and decided to kill her aunt in the process.

The Originals: Sophie Dies in Season 1, Episode 13!
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“Come on, we have to go,” Sophie told Monique as she loaded the truck. And after not getting an OK from her niece, Sophie put her foot down. “Monique, this isn’t a debate. I just stabbed an Original. He’s going to kill me as soon as he’s recovered.”

But still Monique wouldn’t budge. This led Sophie to begin apologizing for failing to save Monique from the Harvest Festival. “Look, i’m sorry for everything,” Sophie began. “I should have come and gotten you before the stupid Harvest. You can still have had a normal life, one without all of this crazy witch nonsense.”

“But I am a witch,” Monique responded rather forcefully. “And I don’t want to go.” That’s when an ethereal hum began to wail and Sophie began to bleed from every facial orifice, including her eyes. Yeah, it was intense.

“The ancestors said you didn’t have enough faith. I was hoping they were wrong,” Monique began. “I should have known better. You tried to stop the Harvest. Now you want to run when we need to stay and fight. The four of us, when we return, we’ll have enough power to rid this city of vampires, and we’ll kill anyone who doesn’t keep the faith. You should have believed.”

As Sophie drops to the ground, Monique joins Celeste, Bastianna, and Genevieve and the witches walk away and live to hex another day.

“TONIGHT’S EPISODE IS MY FAVORITE!” Daniella Pineda teased on Twitter earlier today, giving us at least a mild hope that Sophie might live to see another day. Given the fact that she’s listed for 22 episodes on IMDB gives us a little hope, but with Danielle Campbell (Davina) also listed for 22 episodes, we suspect that it could just be a way to not spoil those smart enough to check the site.

Do you think Sophie is dead for good? Do you even want her to come back to life? Hit the comments and let us know!

The Originals returns on Tuesday, February 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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