Soulja Boy Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Hit-and-Run
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Soulja Boy Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Hit-and-Run

UPDATE (October 15, 2013, 5:08 p.m. PT):

Soulja Boy is now facing a lawsuit over an alleged hit-and-run from earlier this year between his Bentley and a motorcycle, according to TMZ. As reported at the time, it was one of Soulja Boy’s friends and not the musician himself who was driving the car when the incident occurred in January.

Police didn’t make an arrest until May and now the rapper gets the lawsuit; TMZ explains that's because in California "the owner of a vehicle who gives someone permission to drive is responsible" for the driver's actions behind the wheel. Bummer for Soulja Boy.

ORIGINAL STORY (May 23, 2013):

Soulja Boy may know how to dance, but when it comes to knowing how to escape the scene of an accident undetected, he could still use some pointers.

According to TMZ, the rapper was allegedly involved in an accident on January 9 in Los Angeles, when a motorcycle crashed into the side of his distinctive cherry-red Bentley.

Instead of getting out of the car and exchanging insurance information with the biker, who was pretty seriously injured, the driver of the car just Supermanned out of there, never to be heard from again.

Unfortunately for Soulja Boy, a friend of the victim’s decided to take it upon himself to do some real-life crime fighting, and started digging for details about the accident. As it turned out, plenty of people knew that the car belonged to Soulja Boy, as did Los Angeles’s network of cameras, which photograph the average car 1,000 times each day.

With that information in hand, the police got a search warrant for Soulja’s suspiciously un-dented car, theorizing that he had it fixed up after the accident to avoid suspicion, and impounded that sucker.

It’s like the saying goes: Don’t do the crime if you can’t take the bus.

Sources: TMZ, TMZ

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