Source: The Situation Might Bring a Sober Roommate to Jersey Shore Season 6
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Source: The Situation Might Bring a Sober Roommate to Jersey Shore Season 6

The Situation recently completed his voluntary stint at Cirque Lodge in Utah, but his docs don't think he's ready to reenter the Shore House on his own just yet. Mike checked himself into rehab to kick a nasty Xanax and Ambien habit he had formed since joining Jersey Shore. While he's doing well thus far, a source claims that doctors advised him to add a sober roomie to the Jersey Shore house.

Season 6 of the hit MTV show starts filming in June, and, according to a source, Mike's docs want him to bring along a sober living companion when he moves back into the house.

"The companion wouldn't need, nor want to appear on camera, but putting Mike back into that world without a strong support system around him is asking for trouble. Mike doesn't think he needs someone to be with him and essentially be a babysitter, and this has his doctors extremely concerned for his sobriety and recovery," the source told RadarOnline.

At this point, shiz can't get any more awkward than a pregnant Snooki running around and Mike not drinking, so we don't see the harm in another sober friend tagging along for the ride. Maybe The Sitch can find an appropriately guido sober living companion. Maybe (and by "maybe" we mean "definitely") Deena Nicole will drunkenly throw herself at the sober living companion. Possibilities for hilarity are endless! And apparently MTV feels the same way.

"MTV has told Mike they have no plans to replace him and told him he is welcome to come back," the insider added. "MTV also conveyed to his camp that they would fully support a sober living companion, or any other recommendations his doctors have. MTV is extremely supportive of Mike's sobriety."

Will Jersey Shore turn into one big PSA/cautionary tale against partying? Oh, the irony!

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Source: RadarOnline

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