Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 3 Clues That Paige Is “A”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 3 Clues That Paige Is “A”

The Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars upped the “A” ante, as the masked bully chased the Liars onto a NYC rooftop with a gun. If not for Ezra, the Liars might be seriously injured (or worse), which makes the necessity to discover the identity of “A” that much more pressing. Here are three clues that the mysterious villain is none other than Emily’s ex-girlfriend Paige (Lindsey Shaw).

Paige hated Alison

Pretty much everyone and their mothers had beef with Alison DiLaurentis before she left town, but perhaps none have held onto it quite so vehemently as Paige. To be fair, Ali was a total witch to her, making her believe that Emily liked her just so she could laugh in her face. Ali called Paige “Pigskin,” and told the Liars that Paige was psychotic. Basically, Paige totally has motive for going after Alison, and perhaps by association, the Liars. As sweet as Paige can be to Em, might we not forget the time she tried to drown her future-girlfriend? Scary.

She set the police after Alison

Though Paige may have played her anonymous note to the police regarding Ali’s whereabouts off as a ploy to keep Emily safe, we think she may have had far more nefarious motives for alerting the Rosewood PD to Ali’s not-deadness. Namely, her own vengeful pursuit. Why do all of the legwork to find Alison when you can have the police do it for you? Granted, they’re not the most competent bunch, but they seem to be closing in on Ali. And Paige’s ploy did something even more important: made the Liars so desperate to contact Ali to let her know she had been compromised that they led “A” right to her. Genius! And it all started with Paige’s tip off.

Her athleticism

Did you see “A” make that jump from rooftop to rooftop in the climactic scene of the Season 4 finale? It was a display of athleticism every one of the Liars but Emily seemed confident they wouldn’t be able to make. However, for someone like Paige — a swimmer so good she is being actively recruited by ivy league colleges — that jump was possible. Other displays of the strength and athleticism “A” seems to possess in that climactic scene: kicking down a door and successfully tussling with Ezra. “A”’s athleticism seriously narrows down the list of possible suspects, bringing Paige to the top of it.

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