Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 5 Reasons Lucas Is Uber “A”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 5 Reasons Lucas Is Uber “A”

We’ve seen nothing of Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson) since Pretty Little Liars Season 3, but that doesn’t mean his presence hasn’t been felt as “A”! We’re still not completely sold on the Ezra as Uber “A” thing, but we do have our suspicions firmly set on another Rosewood brunette. Here are five reasons we think Lucas could be the mysterious master villain.

The photographs

One of the most prevalent parts of the “A” lair seen in the PLL summer finale were the photographs. “A” seems to have pictures of everyone, taken from various locales and times. You know who else has a thing for photography? Lucas! He usually has a camera strung around his neck to the point that people rarely seem to notice him taking pictures anymore. He has the technical know-how and cover to take if not all, then some of those surveillance photos seen on the “A” lair bulletin boards.

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 5 Reasons Lucas Is Uber “A”
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His schedule

The reason we haven’t seen Lucas roaming any of the Rosewood High halls is because he decided to be homeschooled. His given reason? Because he didn’t feel safe at Rosewood High any longer. But what if the high school classes and persona were cutting into his “A” time? Being “A” must be like having a full time job with overtime hours. As a homeschooler, Lucas would have the time and freedom to conduct “A” business as he pleases. Plus, he has the added cover of being supposedly fearful for his life to keep the Liars (and other possible “A” hunters) off of his track.

His motive

With the possible exception of Mona, no one got the brunt of Ali’s merciless teasing worse than Lucas. She called him “Hermy the Hermaphrodite” whenever she got the chance, and worked to make his life a living hell. Now that we’re (relatively) sure Mona is no longer “A,” Lucas seems the likely best guess when it comes to motive. “A” wants to make Ali and the other Liars suffer the way that he suffered when Ali was active at Rosewood High.

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 5 Reasons Lucas Is Uber “A”
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He's tech savvy

Lucas isn’t just good with a camera. He also seems to have some skill with the Internet. In Season 2, he goes online to remove all crop-ups of the photos showing Hanna conducting community service. That takes a certain degree of tech know-how. The same kind of know-how that would be useful in many of “A”’s more intricate schemes. Not to mention keeping his location untraceable.

He visited Mona in Radley

After Mona was exposed as the Original “A,” she was committed to Radley where she had some sort of contact with Uber “A.” We know for a fact that Lucas visited Mona at Radley because Hanna saw him. He claimed that he went to find out if Mona was really crazy, but that explanation has always seemed odd to us. Was Lucas visiting Mona to give her direction as Uber “A”? Has he been pulling the strings all along?

Do you think Lucas is “A”? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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