Pretty Little Liars “A” Speculation: 5 Reasons Maya Is Uber “A”
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Pretty Little Liars “A” Speculation: 5 Reasons Maya Is Uber “A”

Oh Maya (Bianca Lawson), we’ve missed you on Pretty Little Liars, but we’re not convinced you’re gone for good! Yes, Emily’s first love was seemingly killed off at the end of Season 2, but characters don’t always stay dead on this show, and we think Maya may have a nefariously good reason for faking her own death. Here are five reasons why we think Maya may be Uber “A”!

Marlene’s clue

The first big obstacle to a case for Maya as “A” is Maya’s alleged death, but we’re beginning to think the plot twist is more flexible than television deaths usually are. Earlier this month, PLL showrunner Marlene King shared a snapshot of her workspace that included an Emaya nestled in between the computer keys. Perhaps not damning on its own, but more so when paired with Bianca’s recent comments to MaximoTV about a possible return to PLL: “You never know. Maybe. Maybe. People that are maybe dead or are dead have come back.” Yeah, come back and seek vengeance!

She lived in Ali’s house

Whoever “A” is, she knows a lot about Ali and the Liars. Where better way to gather the backstory to their friendship/Ali’s life than in Ali’s old house? In the Pretty Little Liars pilot, Maya’s family has just moved into the DiLaurentis’ old house and has put a box of Ali’s old things in the front yard. Could there have been more where that came from? Diaries and pictures and documents revealing the secrets of the Dilaurentis’ past? Did Maya use that found knowledge to start an “A” campaign of her own?

She has the time

There’s nothing like a faked death to clear up the old schedule. Amirite, Alison? We’ve long theorized that whoever “A” is either has to have a lot of free time or crazy good time management skills. Maya would not only now have all the time in the world as allegedly dead, but also had a fair bit of time when she was “alive.” First, when she was allegedly shipped off to reform camp. (Could she have been lying about where she was or, alternatively, sending “A” Team memos to Mona via the juvie post?) Then, when she ran away and camped out at Noel Kahn’s cabin. Basically, this girl has gone to some great lengths to clear up her day planner.

Pretty Little Liars “A” Speculation: 5 Reasons Maya Is Uber “A”
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She has jealousy as a motive

If Maya is “A,” there is no clear-cut motive for her pursuing Ali so relentlessly. After all, she never seemed to know the girl… Unless she found out about Ali’s semi-relationship with Em? Ali and Em never dated, but they did kiss and Emily definitely had a crush on her bestie. If Maya found out about Em’s romantic feelings towards Ali, it could have been the little extra push into revengeful territory (because, whoever “A” is, she obviously began with some deep-seated anger issues).

Maya’s website

After Maya’s “death,” the Liars find a website the girl kept with videos, blogs, and photos detailing her life. Out of context, the website seems completely harmless and personal, but in the context of a villain who regularly surveils the people of Rosewood, the website took on greater meaning. Could Maya have used the same techniques to document the lives of others’? Was Maya’s personal website filled with secrets she chose to share tiny in comparison to the secrets she has stolen from others?

Do you think Maya is “A”? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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