Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Ali Is Working With Ezra

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Ali Is Working With Ezra

Pretty Little Liars is a tangled and often times invisible web of alliances. Who is working with whom in Rosewood (and beyond) is inexplicably tied into the “A” game, Ali’s death, and the fate of the Liars themselves. And no alliance is too crazy to suggest when so little is known about “A”’s motives. For example, here’s why we think Ezra (Ian Harding) and Ali (Sasha Pieterse) might be working together.

If someone not Ezra is after Ali, it would make sense that she would choose someone seemingly unrelated to her to help pull off the fake-death and subsequent life on the run. Someone like Ezra would be the perfect candidate. Presumably, they met on Cape May the summer before Ali’s disappearance. As Ali didn’t reveal the identity of her mysterious “Board Shorts” even to summer bestie CeCe, it seems unlikely that whomever was after Ali would have known. The perfect ally!

But what would make Ezra want to help Alison? Moving right past the fact that we like to think Ezra is the kind of sympathetic person who would help Ali in her time of need, there is also the “crazy” fan theory pregnancy to consider. Though Alison wrote in her diaries that it was a pregnancy scare she experienced in Cape May rather than an actual pregnancy, we’re not so sure that is the truth. She could have been putting that in writing to throw off her pursuer. If she really was pregnant and with Ezra’s child, then we can only imagine the extraordinary lengths to which Ezra would go to protect Ali and his child. Even lying to Aria, the girl he truly loves, so there is absolutely no chance his child will be found and harmed.

Right now, the evidence that Ezra is tracking Alison makes him look pretty evil. But what if Ezra isn’t tracking Alison, but rather her pursuer? We imagine the surveillance would look roughly the same. A good way to catch a hunter is to hunt their prey. By keeping track of Alison and her loved ones, Ezra might be trying to find whomever is after Alison. It is a job that Alison would be hard pressed to do herself without getting caught.

Narratively, this scenario makes a lot of sense because it would go a long way to redeeming Ezra for lying to Aria and to saving Ezria in general. Though the PLL Powers That Be insist that Ezria is still endgame, it’s hard to imagine how the show can get from where it is now given what we think we know about Ezra to an outcome where we are happy to see these two together. Unless Ezra has been helping Ali all along.

Do you think Ezra and Ali are working together? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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