The Originals Speculation: Can Kieran’s Key Kill Klaus?
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The Originals

The Originals Speculation: Can Kieran’s Key Kill Klaus?

Father Kieran may be dead and gone on The Originals, but the mysterious and presumably powerful key he wore around his neck is still around and in the hands of Marcel. The ousted vampire king hinted that, though the key belongs in Cami’s possession, she wasn’t ready for the responsibility that would come with protecting it from those who would seek it out — so, we’re guessing it’s not for Kieran’s Cadillac. Could Kieran’s key (literal) be the key (figurative) to killing Klaus (Joseph Morgan)?

Things are not sounding good for Klaus in the Season 1 finale. The synopsis for Season 1, Episode 22 (“From a Cradle to a Grave”) tells us: “In the aftermath of a surprising attack on Marcel and his vampires at the compound, Davina and Cami join resources to take down Klaus.” Not to be insensitive or anything, but what resources does Cami have to help in a fight against Klaus? A psychology degree can only get you so far when battling an Original vampire. We’re guessing her resource is Kieran’s key and that the mysterious purpose it serves has everything to do with Klaus’ potential demise. Might the key itself be composed of white oak stake? Regardless, we think Kieran’s key will be used against Klaus in some manner.

The synopsis goes on to say that: “In a desperate move to protect those most important to him, Klaus makes a heartbreaking decision.” Will Klaus actually die in the Season 1 finale — in some form, even if it’s not permanent? The possibility certainly seems likely. In addition to that rather ominous line from the synopsis, we have Joseph’s tweet regarding the Season 1 finale: “Today we do a table read of the finale of season one #TheOriginals A script to die for baby,” JoMo tweeted. Is Joseph cheekily dropping a hint that his character will actually die in the Season 1 finale? It seems his style. And what better way (at least as outlined in the rules of TV drama) to demonstrate your heroism than to literally sacrifice yourself for the people you love? That’s Emotionally Manipulative Supernatural Family Drama 101 (and we love it).

Another possibility is that the key is not a way to kill Klaus, but rather to keep him in check. It is almost impossible to kill Klaus, so the best case scenario for his enemies might be to find a way to lock him up indefinitely. Is that what Kieran’s key represents: a cage or dimension that would keep Klaus contained forever? For many, this might be worse than death. It would also be particularly tragic timing for Klaus who is most likely becoming a father in the Season 1 finale. To forever be kept from meeting his daughter and watching her grow would be a terrible punishment to endure.

Do you think Kieran’s key has the potential to kill Klaus? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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