The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Caroline Will Kiss Klaus — And Like It
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Caroline Will Kiss Klaus — And Like It

We’re mere hours away from the much-anticipated 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries — and the Klaroline hookup that may or may not come with it. Which means we only have a few hours to speculate on how the rendezvous between vampire barbie Caroline (Candice Accola) and temperamental hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will go down! Our top theory: Caroline will kiss Klaus — and she’ll like it.

She’s the one who goes in for the kiss.

There’s reason for celebration in the Klaroline community — and it’s not just because we see Caroline and Klaus going in for a kiss in this Australian promo for tonight’s episode. It’s because Caroline is the one doing the instigating. This is a major moment for their potential romance because Klaus has always been 100 percent in for taking their friendship to the next level -- it’s only ever been Caroline who has had (admittedly justifiable) reservations. Caroline going in for the kiss is a huge step in this ‘ship.

She has been judging Elena a little too harshly.

Caroline has never been one to keep quiet her opinion on her friends’ romantic decisions, but she’s gone above and beyond in letting Elena know just how much she disapproves of her relationship with Damon — and, fair enough — but doth the lady protest too much? Elena’s dynamic with Damon in many ways mirrors Caroline’s dynamic with Klaus. It’s almost as if Caroline is trying to convince herself that loving Klaus is a bad idea by projecting onto Delena’s relationship.

Julie Plec teases “relationship moves.”

We’ve heard a lot about the “scandalous behavior” Caroline will indulge in, but that implies a one-time event more than any hope of a habit that will result in a new kind of relationship for Klaroline. However, in a TV Line interview teasing tonight’s episode, executive producer Julie Plec said we can expect “relationship moves that might really blow people’s minds.” In our minds, this implies that whatever goes down between Klaroline won’t just be seen as a mistake by Caroline, but open the door to a new chapter in her romantic life: i.e. the Klaus chapter.

Caroline will “have her hands busy” moving forward.

Before all of this Klaroline kiss hubbub began, we snagged a spoiler from TV Guide, that, though Caroline would be spending a lot of bestie time with Stefan, she would “have her hands busy with someone else very soon.” Again, this implies not just a one-time fling, but a relationship that will take up some time. Cue the crossover phone calls! (Pretty please, television gods?)

Do you think Klaroline will finally kiss in tonight’s episode? Do you think Caroline will like it? Sound off in the comments below!

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