Pretty Little Liars Speculation: CeCe Helped Ali Fake Her Death
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: CeCe Helped Ali Fake Her Death

We’re still trying to figure out how Pretty Little Liars star Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) managed to pull the ultimate one over her friends, family, and local police department by faking her death. We think she must have had help but from whom? Our money is on CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray). Here’s why!

Ali went to CeCe with her problems

Though there have been suggestions that Alison and CeCe were more frenemy than friends, we have only ever seen them act like sisters in flashbacks. They were both on Cape May the summer before Ali’s disappearance, a time period that seemed to lead to Ali’s stalking. CeCe was seemingly the only one Alison told about her suspected pregnancy, and CeCe seemed genuinely concerned for her friend and willing to help her in any way she needed. On the night of her disappearance, CeCe was the one Ali called for help in dealing with the N.A.T. Club’s desperate bid to get the videos back from Ali.

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: CeCe Helped Ali Fake Her Death
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They were wearing the same outfit that night

Not only did Ali call CeCe the night of her disappearance, but the two met up. Was this all part of a plan the two had outlined? Whatever the plan for faking Ali’s death, it seemed to need a decoy Ali because CeCe was dressed in almost exactly the same outfit as her friend, presumably to make someone think she was Ali. It worked on a drugged-up Jason, who saw CeCe chatting with Melissa in the backyard of his house and initially thought it was his sister. Was Melissa the person Ali and CeCe were trying to trick?

CeCe was at Radley

One of the flashbacks that implies CeCe and Ali weren’t always on the best of terms was the one in which Mrs. DiLaurentis informs Alison that CeCe admitted herself to Radley pretending to be her friend. The was the scene is played, the viewer is left to infer that CeCe did this to get back at Ali for some reason. But, what if Mrs. D. was wrong in her assessment of the situation? What is CeCe was enacting a part of Ali’s plan to eventually fake her death. We’ve recently been suspicious that Ali may have used Marion Cavanaugh’s alleged suicide off of the Radley roof as part of her escape. Did CeCe visit Radley as Ali to set up that part of the ruse?

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: CeCe Helped Ali Fake Her Death
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Cece broke up with Jason

Before Alison disappeared, CeCe and Jason were dating. The day after, CeCe breaks up with Jason pretty much an uber heartless thing to do to someone who just lost their sister. The thing is: we’ve only ever seen CeCe show concern and affection for Jason. It makes no sense that she would have broken up with him if she had feeling for him… unless she was in on Ali’s fake death and couldn’t stand to lie to him about it.

She disappeared while Ali was on the run

Last season, CeCe disappeared for a long stretch of time, seemingly off of the map as the Liars searched and could not find her. The Liars assumed that CeCe left to act as “A” or on “A” business, but what if she were off helping Alison? Given that CeCe was away from college and town prior to our meeting her, she could have conceivably spent that time with Ali, as well.

She was spying on “A”

In Season 4A, we saw CeCe spying on Ezra through his apartment door. Now that we know Ezra is “A,” this implies that CeCe is working against him (even though she was found on his payroll -- a double agent, perhaps?). Ezra is after Alison, and CeCe seems to be the front person on helping Ali avoid his net.

She was the decoy Red Coat

It seems Alison and CeCe haven’t ditched their habit of dressing up as one another. In the summer finale, there were two Red Coats running around Ravenswood, presumably to throw Ezra off of the real Ali’s trail. CeCe was the other Red Coat. The Liars chased her and she fell from a warehouse landing to disappear into the night. Did Ezra get her? Or is she out there somewhere helping Alison right now?

Do you think CeCe helped Ali fake her death? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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