Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Killed Wilden? 5 Reasons It Could Be CeCe
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Killed Wilden? 5 Reasons It Could Be CeCe

"Who killed Wilden" is one of the central questions of Pretty Little Liars Season 4, and if the Liars don't find out the truth soon, it could mean dire consequences for Ashley Marin. Who really did the deed? We have a long list of suspects, but CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray) is near the top of the list.

Why? Here are five reasons Ali's mentor in evil is increasingly suspicious.

She has a history with Wilden. CeCe has known Wilden since at least the summer before Ali disappeared, and she seems to know a lot about his involvement with Rosewood's foremost Liar. Based on the way he was acting toward her when he put her in his car in Season 3, their relationship at the time was tense at best. Assuming this murder wasn't completely random, CeCe is a major suspect because she's one of the characters most closely connected to Wilden.

She has a motive, or two, or three... In Season 3, Episode 12: "Hot Water," CeCe claimed to be scared of Wilden, explaining that was the reason she was scrambling to leave town. If she was telling the truth in that scene, she very well could have killed Wilden in self defense, or after meeting with him to tell him to leave her alone. If you don't buy that Cece was scared of Wilden, there are still plenty of reasons she may have killed him. Perhaps he knew too much about the night Ali disappeared (a night CeCe was also involved in). Or maybe the murder was linked to the cover-up around Toby's mom — after all, Mrs. Cavanaugh's old doctor mentioned a blonde girl who was up to no good; outside of Ali, CeCe is the most suspicious blonde in Rosewood, and someone had to pay Wilden off to change the reports about Mrs. Cavanaugh's death.

She keeps coming up. Why does Shana claim that CeCe is the one Jenna's scared of? Why was her name connected to the plane? While the whole thing could be a frame job, all signs point to CeCe being a major player in the current mystery. Ali's former mentor in evil being Red Coat seems too obvious at this point, but we wouldn't be surprised if she's linked to Wilden's murder.

We don't know where she is. Wilden's murderer obviously has to be unaccounted for the night of the lodge fire. CeCe easily fits the bill; indeed, we have no idea where she's been for a long time, which just makes her more suspicious.

She has the personality for it. This is the woman that taught Alison the art of lying and manipulating to get what you want. We fully believe she's capable of murder.

Do you think CeCe killed Wilden, or do you have another suspect in mind? Sound off in the comments below.

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