The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Damon Has a Passenger
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Damon Has a Passenger

Our takeaway from last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries: everyone and their mother has a Traveler Passenger in Mystic Falls right now — even main characters. But do the Passenger-possessed main characters end with Tyler, or are their other unsuspecting heroes who are being controlled by the enemy? Does Damon (Ian Somerhalder) have a Passenger?

The Travelers let him live. Damon’s virus-induced vampire murder spree gave the Travelers the perfect cover for implanting a Passenger into Damon when they trapped him and Enzo inside of a random house. They even eventually let Enzo go to retrieve the cure to the virus — and then gave it to Damon. Why do this unless they had a vested interest in keeping him alive? And why pass up the opportunity they had to Passenger Damon? Not only was he alone in that house, but he had been acting out-of-character for episodes, which means the transition to live with a Passenger presumably went even smoother.

Markos was very friendly towards him. The Travelers’ seeming friendliness towards Damon continued in last night’s episode. Rather than try to eliminate a potential threat or even threaten him to stay out of their way, Markos gave Damon exactly what he wanted: for Stelena’s shared visions to end. Markos kept Damon happy, and sent him back to hang with his friends. Markos also seems totally not worried about eventually getting the doppelgangers in this scene, which makes us think he has a major trump card when it comes to their acquisition.

He is close to both of the doppelgangers. The Travelers want the last doppelgangers. Who better to take over than Damon, who is close to not just one, but both of the doppelgangers? Sure, he claims that he wants Elena to stay away from him, but how long is that really going to last? Not to mention, when Stefan and Elena are in danger, who are they going to turn to but Damon? More than that: Damon will go out of his way to do anything he can to protect the two people he loves most in the world, unbeknownst to even himself that by protecting them, he is putting them in mortal danger.

It would be a killer twist. How amazing of a plot twist would it be to have Damon — or, more accurately, Damon’s Passenger — be the ones who ultimately betrays Stefan and Elena? Pretty great. The most effective plot twists are not necessarily the most unexpected, but the ones that hit closest to home. Sure, it’s shocking to see Tyler with a Passenger, but it would be even more shocking to find out that Damon — one of the core components of the show — has been compromised.

Do you think Damon has a Passenger inside of him? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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