Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Did Hanna Take Aria’s Diary From the Lair?
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Did Hanna Take Aria’s Diary From the Lair?

One clever Pretty Little Liars fan has a rock-solid theory about the diary Hanna snatched from “A”’s lair in the Season 4 summer finale: it belongs to Aria. Check out Tumblr user pigsasusflies’ theory on the PLL Hints and Theories Tumblr Page, and tell us you don’t think it holds weight.

It explains Hanna’s interest

Basically, the speculation links the locked silver diary Hanna found in “A”’s lair and stuck into her bag and the one Aria has often been seen writing it. This makes sense on several levels, and explains why Hanna was so drawn to the book. Of all the things that she could have grabbed from the lair, she made a beeline for that one. Did she recognize Aria’s journal, and save it from “A”’s clutches to be delicately shown to Aria later? Relaying to your friend that her archenemy has been reading her deepest and most intimate thoughts should probably be done over a nice cup of tea. (But, really, Aria! With “A” on the loose, you should have either resisted the urge to journal-keep or, at least, kept the thing glued to your body at all times. That’s just PLL 101.)

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Did Hanna Take Aria’s Diary From the Lair?
Credit: ABC Family    

It explains “A”’s knowledge

If the diary does belong to Aria, it also explains how “A” knows so much about the Liars’ recent activities. Obviously, he has a massive surveillance network and knows the Liars, but that only gets you so far, especially with the amount of stuff these girls play close to the chest. Aria’s diary is most likely full of secrets very difficult to uncover unless you are literally a fly on the wall. Come to think of it, why don’t these girls start holding all conversations in the bathroom with the shower running (aka the old spy trick to keep unwanteds from listening in)?

It links Ezra to “A”

The discovery of Aria’s diary in “A”’s lair could also be evidence for the Liars that Ezra is “A” - especially if Aria last saw her diary in Ezra’s lair, or gave it to him for safekeeping or something. He could always explain it away with a robbery story (“A” has stolen things from much more secure locations than Ezra’s bachelor pad), but it would still be suspicious. It also makes us look closer at Ezra’s comment about Aria’s writing in Season 4, Episode 11. He tells Aria that her short story “Found But Lost” always reminded him of Ali - which she admits the story actually is about. Did she write this little insight into her diary, which Ezra subsequently read? If so, creepy.

Do you think it was Aria’s diary that Hanna nabbed from “A”’s lair? Do you think it will lead the Liars to Ezra? Sound off in the comments below!

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