Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Does Hanna Figure Out Ezra Is “A”?
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Does Hanna Figure Out Ezra Is “A”?

It’s only a matter of time before one of the Liars catches on to Ezra’s duplicity - but will Hanna (Ashley Benson) be the Liar to figure it out? Seeing her snatch that diary from “A”’s lair in the Pretty Little Liars summer finale certainly made it seem like she was upping her detective ambitions. Will Hanna be the first to figure out Ezra is “A”? We speculate below.

Yes, the diary leads her to him

Hanna may not been the first (or the second) Liar our minds jump to when we’re looking for detective skills, but we’ve always admired her direct, ballsy plans. When she wants to find out what someone is up to, she usually just walks up to them and asks them. It sounds like she might be utilizing that go-get-em attitude and a bit more cunning to ferret out Ezra’s role in Season 4B.

Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King recently told Wetpaint: “What’s really fun in this new cycle is Hanna gets smart. She’s very upset that Caleb is gone. So she throws herself into these detective novels and she sets out for the first time not rely on Spencer but herself to discover who A is.” We’re very impressed with Hanna’s choice for a post-Caleb project. We can’t wait to see Hanna turn Nancy Drew and give Spencer a run for her sleuthing money! After all, Hanna has always had excellent instincts.

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Does Hanna Figure Out Ezra Is “A”?
Credit: ABC Family    

Yes, but it is because the Liars investigate together

On the other hand, up until this point, the Liars have worked on investigations of “A” more-or-less together. Sure, some of them might take the lead on certain threads, but they always bring their findings back to the table. The longest someone has withheld an “A” revelation was when Spencer didn’t tell the Liars that Toby was on the “A” Team for a few weeks.

It’s more likely that Hanna will share the diary (which is, perhaps, Aria’s) with the other Liars, and they will move forward from there. Sure, it might hurt Aria’s feelings, but Hanna is generally of a mind of truth above all, especially when it comes to “A,” who likes to use truths and secrets as ammunition.

No, but Spencer does

We do think of Spencer first when we’re looking for mad detective skills, and we generally assume that she will be at the head of any Liar-led “A” investigation. Sasha Pieterse (Alison) told Hollywire TV that Spencer will be “hot on Ezra’s trail” in Season 4B.

Will Hanna and Spencer be pursuing their own, separate investigations, or will Spencer truly be the one to take off on a solo “A” campaign in Season 4B? We, honestly, could see either happening, but would never bet against Spencer and her commitment to schemes. This is the girl who all-out joined the “A” Team (and, possibly, had herself admitted to a mental institution) to find out the truth about Toby.

Do you think Hanna will be the first to figure out Ezra’s “A” status, or will it be someone else? Share your theories in the comments below!

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