Pretty Little Liars Speculation: How Did Ali Get Her Scar?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: How Did Ali Get Her Scar?

We have a lot of questions for Pretty Little LiarsAlison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), but one jumped to the forefront in last night’s episode: How did she get that scar she was so desperate not to discuss with her doctor? We speculate below!

She got it when she was younger. The doctor who examined Ali implied that the scar on her thigh didn’t happen recently. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean it happened before her disappearance, we wonder if Ali’s desperation to change the subject had anything to do with the fact that she may actually be Ali’s twin sister. If Ali’s twin had a scar, then that is a sure fire way to tell these two apart. If someone who knows the potential twin secret, like her father, finds out about the scar on this DiLaurentis’ thigh, it could blow whatever ruse DiLaurentis no. 2 has going right now. Furthermore, if that scar was self-inflicted, it could explain Ali’s twin’s absence. Was she at Radley to work through her mental health struggles?

She did it to herself. When Hanna asks Ali about the scar, she wonders if Ali did it to herself or someone else did it to her. Before that, we had never even considered that Alison may have been the one responsible for the scar, but it is definitely a possibility. Ali isn’t the most mentally healthy fictional character we know. Before she disappeared, she had a lot of issues that manifested themselves in the manipulation of the people around her — even the people she loved. Did Alison also cut herself as a way to try to work through those issues? Maybe.

She really was kidnapped. So far, we’ve assumed that Alison is telling a big, fat lie about her kidnapping. Now, we’re not so sure. We know that Ali is lying about at least part of it, given that she has been in contact with the Liars for some time and moving around of her own free will, but that doesn’t mean this has always been the case. Was Ali kidnapped — perhaps by “A” — for part of her absence? It would certainly put a whole new twist on everything we thought we knew about this character.

Where do you think Ali got the scar? Share your theories in the comments below!

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