The Vampire Diaries Speculation: How Will Season 5 End?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: How Will Season 5 End?

The news that The Vampire Diaries has been renewed for a sixth season has us eagerly anticipating the sure-to-be killer cliffhanger the Season 5 finale will deliver us. TVD knows how to end the season with a bang Katherine’s arrival to town, Elena’s transition into a vampire, Silas’ watery imprisonment of Stefan and we can’t wait to see how they do it this time. No, really, we can’t wait. So, instead, we’re making like the soothsayers and predicting our way to the season-ending cliffhanger. Given what we know so far, here’s how we think Season 5 might end.

Elena’s father returns

TVD doesn’t do throwaway mentions (see: the upcoming introduction of the woman Enzo loved and talked about back in 1953), which is why we’re still wondering when Elena’s allegedly dead father might show up. The show has been laying a lot of Augustine Society groundwork with not a great deal of payoff. That could be poor storytelling, or it could mean they are holding their trump card for a special occasion. Elena’s pops, Grayson Gilbert, has been a looming presence in Season 5 in all of the shout-outs he’s had. He cured Elena’s college roomie when she was a kid. He is known all over campus for his work with the Augustine Society. Elena found out about all of the experiments he did on vampires like Elena in Mystic Falls. We think the story (and life) of Grayson Gilbert is far from over.

Markos rounds up the doppelgangers for slaughter

Whatever goes down in the Season 5 finale, it’s most likely going to involve Markos, the imposing-yet-charismatic leader who will be coming to Mystic Falls later this season. We have a sneaking suspicion that Markos is the head of the Travelers, and that they have something big planned. No real clues as to what it might be yet, but we do know from Nadia’s boyfriend, Gregor, that the Travelers planned on killing Katherine after they killed Silas. Sounds to us like they are taking out the doppelgangers, and we have not one, but three to worry about. Yikes!

Caroline leaves for New Orleans

Here’s the thing: we really don’t think Klaroline is over, and we’re pretty sure that’s not our romantic delusions talking. We understand why Julie Plec and co. didn’t want to send Caroline over to The Originals when the show first began: Care is firmly entrenched in the TVD world and The Originals had to define itself as its own program, separate from the TVD narrative. It would have been a disservice to her character, and a crutch for a show that needed to find its footing on its own. But, we say all bets are off in the second season. As for Caroline’s reasons for leaving college and all of her friends, we admit that something devastating might have to happen to cause her to leave all of her plans. Or not. They have colleges in New Orleans, too, you know. (Note: Think of this particular speculative scenario as supplementary, like an add on to any of the other cliffhangers on this list.)

An army of vampire cannibals attacks

Bring on the vampire cannibals! We admit that TVD has never done anything of the epic battle variety, but there’s no time like the present (or, um, not too distant future) to start! Dr. Wes seems to have his vampire cannibal serum down, and now has oodles of funding from the Travelers. What’s to stop him from creating an army of vampire cannibals to hunt down other vamps? And what’s to stop that army from heading to the all-you-can-eat vampire cannibal buffet that is Mystic Falls. Answer: nothing.

Which of these scenarios do you think is the most plausible? Do you have any theories of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

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