Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Cece Really Dead?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Cece Really Dead?

In the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, Cece Drake (Vanessa Ray) seemingly fell to her death. But, her body quickly disappeared from its spot on the factory floor. Is Cece Drake really dead? Given that Vanessa recently joined the cast of Blue Bloods, it seems a definite possibility. Have we seen the last of PLL’s resident psycho, Cece? We speculate below.

“Death” recap:

To recap Cece’s possible death scene, the blond was one of two Red Coats (seemingly, the evil one) the Liars found in Ravenswood. While Spencer chases after one, Aria chases after Cece, and manages to corner her on some sort of factory loft. The two fight, and Cece tries to escape via a nearby rope, but it snaps. Aria manages to catch Cece’s sleeve before she can fall, but the fabric tears and Cece plummets to the floor. While the other Liars comfort Aria, Cece’s hand twitches back to life and, when the Liars look back over, the blonde is gone!

Yes, she died in the fall.

That fall was pretty scary, and we assume the Liars would have checked to make sure Cece was dead in case the girl could have been saved with a timely ambulance. The hand twitch was somewhat convincing, but morbidly enough, bodies can sometimes twitch after death. We think there’s a chance Cece might really be dead, which would be convenient for whomever killed Wilden (if it wasn’t really Cece). In the summer finale, the television news reported that they were looking for Cece in connection with Wilden’s murder. If Cece died in the fall, then someone would have had to move her body. Who else was in that factory, and why would they do such a thing?

No, but she wants everyone to think she is.

On the other hand, does anyone ever really stay dead on this show? If Ali can come back from being buried alive, then we think Cece can survive a little fall. More common than death on this show is, apparently, faking one’s death, and Cece had plenty of reason to pull an Ali. If she really did kill Wilden, then it’s in her best interest for people to think she is dead. It also frees her up to continue to spy, scheme, and manipulate with minimal interference. We think there’s a good chance Cece isn’t really dead and will continue her morally questionable shenanigans with her alleged death as cover.

No, but someone took her.

If Cece didn’t crawl away of her own free will and, with a fall like that, who could blame her then someone had to have helped her escape. Cece was shown to have allies in the past. Nigel Wright lied for her to Toby and Caleb, and logged frequent phone calls to the blond schemester. Could he have been in the factory with Cece and the Liars? Or, perhaps, it was Jason, who has much history with Cece. Their relationship has always seemed somewhat antagonistic (on Jason’s part, at least), but could that just be a front? Could these two be working together? We haven’t seen Jason in awhile (since his own near-death experience). Perhaps, he has been with Cece this whole time. Another likely theory is that Ezra (aka “A”) pulled her away. We know he was in Ravenswood, and we know he was paying Cece as “A” to do his dirty work. Was Cece just another piece of evidence for him to clean up?

Do you think Cece is alive? Who, if anyone, do you think she is working with? Sound off in the comments below!

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