The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Is Jeremy Still a Vampire Hunter?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Is Jeremy Still a Vampire Hunter?

Who knew that The Vampire Diaries’ little stoner brother would turn into a hot vampire hunter for whom everybody would sacrifice just about anything? And yet, here we are, about to enter into Season 5 with a back-from-the-dead Little Gilbert. Not only did his death cause his sister to turn off her humanity, but it also spurred his former girlfriend to sacrifice her own life to give Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) a second chance at the whole living thing. But one question remains: Is Jeremy still a vampire hunter?

Last time we saw Jeremy alive, he had gotten his vamp-hunting instincts under control for the most part. And then he died. Now he’s back, and we would assume he’s still a hunter, right? And if the answer is yes, then wouldn’t Jeremy theoretically play a big role in Silas’ downfall? Last we checked, killing Silas is his whole reason for existing. But without the cure, we’re doubting Jeremy has any other knowledge on how to go about killing the big bad. Here’s to hoping this leads to Bonnie (Kat Graham) using the Other Side to interact with the other super sexy members of The Five (Hellooo, Alexander).

But Silas isn’t the only issue if Jeremy is still a hunter. With Elena (Nina Dobrev) off to college and a house that’s now nothing more than a pile of ashes — bet you’re regretting that right about now, huh Elena? — Jeremy is left with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who’s a vampire. It’s not that we’re worried that Jeremy could beat Damon in a fight, but a vampire just shouldn’t room with a vampire hunter. It’s simply not the safest arrangement in the world… for either of them. After all, Damon has already tried to kill Jeremy twice. Well, once. He technically did kill him the first time.

However, there is the possibility that all this worrying is for nothing. Perhaps death took away the fact that Jeremy’s a hunter. Then again, we’re not sure we want him to go back to being the human whose only real skill is talking to the dead. That tattoo gave him an edge. Right, Bonnie?

What do you guys think? Is Jeremy still a hunter? If so, how much is that going to play into Season 5?