Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Paige “A”? Here’s the Evidence!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Paige “A”? Here’s the Evidence!

Pretty Little Liars is trying really hard to make us believe that Ali is “A”, which is why we’re inclined to look elsewhere for the ever-hoodied villain. The Season 5 summer finale left us with a few intriguing options. Right now, we have our eye on Paige (Lindsey Shaw). Though we heart the Paily relationship, we’ve never really forgotten that time Paige tried to drown Emily. Here’s all the proof we’ve gathered that Paige might be “A”...

She hates Alison. Paige went the extra mile in this episode to convince the Liars that Alison is “A,” and is the one who supposedly saw Ali amassing an “army.” Was she making it up? Could she have been the one to plant a rat in her own locker earlier this season, putting Emily on the offensive? That event certainly started planting doubts about who Emily could trust. It's entirely possible Paige has been the one out to get Ali from the start. Could she have gone so far to kill Mona in order to frame Alison?

Her athleticism. We’ve harped on this point before, but whoever “A” is, it's someone strong, fast, and agile. “A” jumped rooftop to rooftop in NYC in the Season 4 finale. This season, she snuck into Ali’s house and almost choked her to death with her own scarf. As an athlete, Paige has the physical strength required to pull these sorts of things off.

Paige’s shirt in the summer finale. PLL theorists are really digging deep for this particular “clue,” but we couldn’t help but mention it. Last year, when asked to give a hint about the Halloween episode, Marlene King tweeted a series of three lightning bolt emojis followed by three kissy lips emojis. In the Season 5 summer finale, Paige’s shirt was covered in lips. This eagle-eyed Tumblr user has consolidated the images. Clue or coincidence?

Where’s Baby Jesus? The biggest potential Paige-is-“A” clue in the summer finale came with the Baby Jesus. If you’re anything like us, the image of “A” replacing the baby Jesus in Emily’s Christmas manger with a Mona doll, only to stash the baby Jesus figurine into her trunk next to Mona’s lifeless corpse is seared into your brain. But earlier in the episode, Paige was the one who stole baby Jesus while helping Emily decorate. Foreshadowing or coincidence?

Do you think Paige is “A”? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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