Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Jason “A”? 5 Clues To Consider
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Jason “A”? 5 Clues To Consider

The synopsis for the second episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 is making us awfully suspicious of Ali’s older brother, Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker). Ali is “sleeping with one eye open as she is forced to stay at home with her family – who she doesn’t trust.” Elsewhere in the synopsis, we learn that “Jason’s odd behavior and Kenneth DiLaurentis’ search for Jessica starts to raise eyebrows about her disappearance.” Does Ali have real reason to be worried? Is Jason “A”?

His mother would have protected him over Ali. If it was Uber "A" who was after Alison that night, and who Mrs. DiLaurentis helped bury Ali alive to protect, then there's only a couple of people who it could be. Mrs. D. wouldn't choose to protect just anyone for her daughter's seeming murder. She would, however, probably protect another child, a child who later passionately defended her to the Liars.

He is strong enough to take on Ezra. One of the biggest clues we’ve gotten as to the identity of Uber “A” came in the Season 4 finale when he or she went after the Liars on a NYC rooftop. This “A” wasn’t just competent, he was incredibly athletic, not only fighting off Ezra, but jumping from one rooftop to another. Only a strong, agile person would be able to do that and Jason fits both descriptions. Have you seen the guy?

Those photos of Aria. It's easy to forget with everything that's happened in the last few seasons, but back in the day, Jason totally had creepy photos of Aria strung up all over his creepy shack. We know that "A" keeps a close watch on all of the Liars. Was this evidence of that?

His history with the N.A.T. Club. Whatever the "A" game is, it is somehow tied up with the N.A.T. Club, the secret-collecting society of which Jason, Garrett, Ian, and Melissa were apart. You may have noticed that half of the people on that list are dead. Coincidence, or is the real "A" taking them out one-by-one? Is Jason the killer or is he the next victim?

He went searching for the truth about Ali. In the months after what was allegedly Ali's body was found, Jason was desperate to find out who what happened to his baby sister, or so it seemed. In retrospect, the search for Ali's alleged killer could have just as easily been a search for Ali herself. If Jason knew she were alive, then he could have been the one chasing Ali. He could have been the reason she didn't feel safe coming home.

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