Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Jason Helped Ali Fake Her Death
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Jason Helped Ali Fake Her Death

With the knowledge that Pretty Little Liars Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is alive, comes our fervid speculation about just how a scared teenaged girl managed to successfully fake her own death. However she did it, we think she had help, and who better than a protective older sibling? Here is why we think Jason (Drew Van Acker) totally helped Ali fake her death…

He Was Wildly Protective of Ali

We don’t think we have to go into much explanation for why Jason would want to help his little sister hopefully. Though the two may have quarrelled, we think they’ve always had one another’s backs. We think, if she had asked, he would have done anything he could have to help his baby sister.

“A” Wouldn’t Suspect It

The night Ali disappeared, Jason was supposedly drunk and high to the extent that he allegedly did not remember if he was the one who killed his sister. Now, we wonder if Jason’s altered state wasn’t just a cover so that he could help Ali without anyone suspecting him including “A,” who presumably would come after anyone who might know anything about Ali’s location.

He Has the Perfect Cover for an “A” Investigation

This protectiveness concerning Ali has become most obvious in Jason’s behavior following Ali’s “death.” He has been desperate to find her “killer” or, as we now see it, to ferret out whomever it is who is still after Alison. As Ali is on the run, it must be nearly impossible to try to figure who is after her without getting captured. This is where Jason comes in. With the cover of a grieving brother desperate to discover the identity of Ali’s “killer,” he can search for her stalker. Any tips concerning who would have motive to kill Ali would also work to discover who has been trying to find Ali since her disappearance.

He Got Close to Mona

We’ve always found the friendship between Mona and Jason really weird. It never made a lot of sense that these two would become friends unless they were using one another. Mona, to get more information about Ali and the Liars. Jason, to find out what Mona knows about Ali’s disappearance and who might be after her. Heck, at that point, he may have even suspected that Mona was the one after Alison.

His N.A.T. Club Connection

Whatever went down the night of Ali’s disappearance, it seems to be related to the N.A.T. Club. They were desperate to get videos back from Alison that she had stolen from them. Since that night, the N.A.T. Club members have been targeted and even killed first Ian, then Garrett. Was “A” an anonymous member of the N.A.T. Club? Conversely, could the entire N.A.T. Club have helped Ali fake her death, and are now getting targeted by “A” for it?

He Periodically Disappears From Rosewood

Now that we know Ali is on the run, we’re suspicious of anyone who spends too much time out of Rosewood both as possible “A” suspects and as possible Ali accomplices. We think Jason falls into the latter category. We think the periodic trips he has made out of Rosewood since Ali’s disappearance, including his most recent one “Down South” to help his grandmother, have actually been trips out of town to check on Ali.

Do you think Jason helped faked Alison’s death? Sound off in the comments below!

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